7 Best Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Zip Line Puerto Vallarta

There are a lot of activities that one can do when going on a vacation in Puerto Vallarta. A vacation to Mexico brings so much anticipation and excitement to anyone who would experience it. Even if you were to stay for a year, it would be impossible to enjoy all of the fabulous activities in Puerto Vallarta. Indeed, all of the wonderful things to do in Puerto Vallarta guarantee you real fun and a thrill that will make you want to go back even a hundred times.

Below are the top 7 things to do in Puerto Vallarta that will surely blow you away:

  1. Romantic Sunset Walks
  2. Have a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail as you enjoy watching the romantic sunsets followed by moonsets on the luminous waters of the endless Banderas Bay. Walking has never been this sweet. Hold your partner’s hand as love would surely fill the air as you both witness how majestically the set or moon will slowly disappear beneath the quiet waters. It would mean lights off as a feeling of deep passion arouse after experiencing Puerto Vallarta’s sunset walks.

  3. Wonderful Whale Watching
  4. See the world’s largest living creatures in the flesh, with a whale watching tour. One of the top things to do in Puerto Vallarta, a whale watching tour to see these mammoth creatures near the Banderas Bay during the winter months will have you sending postcards home and posting of Facebook in a flash. Humpback whales can easily be spotted swimming lazily in the deep waters of Banderas Bay from November through April. Be sure to have your camera with you, so you can have a memory of your close encounter and something you can proudly brag about.


    Hold your partner’s hand as love would surely fill the air as you both witness how majestically the set or moon will slowly disappear beneath the quiet waters


  5. Go Fishing
  6. One of Puerto Vallarta’s favorite pastimes and the local’s top means of livelihood is fishing and it’s yours to experience. You can book yourself for a fishing tour and have the fun of catching blue marlin, tuna and other fish species. Be attentive with your bait, you’ll never know what you gonna get. It can cause a frenzy as you try to get a hold of your catch, but it is worth it, knowing you can eat it for dinner.

  7. Skydiving
  8. You can have the thrill of going 10,000 feet and fall gently down to earth when you go skydiving. It is exciting to be in the company of clouds and see people the size of ants. Skydive Mex, a company which has been set up recently can give you this unsurpassable excitement. You can learn the basics and jump safely with a highly qualified instructor. When you are skilled enough, you can train to get your skydiving certificate. Your title as a “sky conqueror” can begin at Puerto Vallarta. One of the most thrilling things to do in Puerto Vallarta!

  9. Zip lining
  10. This activity in Puerto Vallarta will give you an adrenaline rush by hanging and sliding along ropes as you cross rivers and venture into the wild forest. Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by lush green jungle and tree rich forests ready to captivate an adventurous soul. Going on a zip line tour will allow you to appreciate the natural beauty of the Puerto Vallarta’s surroundings. If you are lucky enough, you might see some monkeys and deer. It’s one of the things to do in Puerto Vallarta you shouldn’t miss.

    Zip Line Puerto Vallarta

  11. Golfing
  12. Who knows that you could be the next Tiger Woods. In Puerto Vallarta, golf is not a millionaire’s sport. You can experience playing golf overlooking the magnificent ocean. Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings offer world class golf courses to choose from. Get those golf caps and clubs ready, you are going to swing your way into learning golf the rich man’s way for less.

  13. Paddle Boarding
  14. The newest craze in Puerto Vallarta will keep you moving in its tranquil waters. Paddle boarding means propelling yourself into a swimming motion while lying or kneeling in a paddle board. The equipment can be provided by most hotels for free and some for a fee. However, it’s a small price to pay for the experience of being a great sea wanderer. One of the least expensive top things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

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