Can you trust the tap water in Mexico?

trust the tap water in Mexico

When in Mexico, you may find varying opinions regarding whether the tap water is safe for drinking or not. Some locals may tell you that it is totally safe to drink the tap water while others might say you should not even use it for brushing your teeth. So can you trust the tap water in Mexico?

Truth about tap water in Mexico

The difference and reality of these statements depend on the tap water’s location. Urban cities and towns have public water systems which provide potable tap water system. Most city-dwellers are content with the quality of drinking water they have. But there are also regions outside the cities and towns where tap water may not be safe for drinking. Those living in these areas usually buy bottled or have their own filtration systems to have access to potable water.

Water delivery

Mexico water delivery to residential areas comes in three ways: through mains-feed, through a communal feed from local water springs, or through a collection of rain topped with local water delivered by trucks. During the rainy season, some property owners choose to collect rain water and combine this with water brought by delivery trucks. Those living outside the main cities or towns are usually supplied by a communally-run water system. Urban cities and towns get water through the mains-feed.

Three-way filter system

If you have your own property in Mexico, it is ideal to have your own three-way filter system installed in your property. This ensures a steady supply of potable water. Owners who choose to have their own on-site filtration system have a separate tap that dispenses the filtered water coming from their property’s main water supply.

Water for sale

If you would rather buy your water, there are many stores to find water for sale. These bottled waters are common in Mexico and they come in varying sizes ranging from hand-sized bottles to 20-liter containers or “garrafon”. Local convenience stores, street traders, pharmacies, supermarkets, and water delivery companies offer these bottled waters. You are assured of safe drinking water for your home, office, or factory.

Hotels in Mexico

Hotels in Mexico – whether those larger hotels or those small upscale ones – offer bottled water to their guests but may also have their own purification systems at their vicinities. Water is guaranteed to be portable with maids who are ready to replenish at least one bottle per guest per day at no extra charge. Restaurants also offer bottled water at a price or you may ask for a complimentary glass of water. These establishments may get their water either from larger bottles of water or from their own purification systems.

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