Don’t Let the Rain Stop You from Having Fun in Puerto Vallarta

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Imagine the unlikely scene: on the beach in Puerto Vallarta enjoying your much needed vacation when suddenly the rain pours, what are you going to do? It’s hard to imagine that you’re just half way on your vacation and it seems that you can’t anymore get enough of it. Don’t you worry, Puerto Vallarta is a place of many options to having a wonderful vacation.

Here are the things you can do to have fun, even when the rain comes

Pamper yourself at a spa

Maybe the rains came to remind you that you need to spend quality time with yourself. Go to the spa at your hotel or a day spa nearby and have a facial to relieve those lines showing on your face. Have a massage afterwards to get rid of your body stress. You need to keep the blood flowing actively through your veins after feeling down because of the killjoy rain. You don’t even need to go out, when your hotel or resort has facilities for these types of services

Have bonding moments with your kids or friends

Your busy work schedule doesn’t allow you to have a perfect family bonding and now’s the opportunity to have one. Stay in your hotel room and play some kid stuff. It can be the simple scissors or rocks or card games. Rent yourself some dvds and watch great movies together. These moments are unplanned but they are precious and priceless.

Strike for Romance

Have a little walk downtown while holding hands with your love. Have a dinner for two, to spark that lustrous romance once again. If you are with friends, have some Mexican delicacies to go with your favorite alcoholic drink. The rains can let you do things that you don’t have time for when you were back home.

Indulge in your favorite hobby: shopping

Puerto Vallarta has many shopping malls that carry good products. One of these is Galerias Vallarta. You can take a leisurely walk going here as it is located just within the tourist zone. There’s something for everyone that includes shops, stores, bars and restaurants.

You and your family can stroll around and enjoy the mall’s surroundings. Watch people as they move around or you can play in numerous game arcades within the mall. To satisfy your cravings for great food, there’s Sirloin Stockade or Chilis, where they serve the best Mexican dishes. If you love art, you can see masterpieces in some painting and photography exhibitions that are held occasionally. Watch the latest movies in the famed Cinemax theatre and get a feel of being in a high tech cinema.

Visit a local community center like Biblioteca Los Mangos

Biblioteca Los Mangos is a bilingual public library, where a multitude of fun activities can be done. It’s not your ordinary library, but it’s a place that showcases the Mexican’s culture and history. You can read books here, use computers or even learn how to dance the Salsa. It’s open every day except Sunday from 1-9 pm during weekdays and 10 am- 4 pm on Saturdays.

Attend exhibits at Vallarta Naval Museum

You can know and learn the history of the Mexican people by visiting the Puerto Vallarta Navy Museum and Naval Historical Center. Attend the various exhibits relating to maritime and naval happenings. There are also art exhibits where you can see different art collections made by local and international artists. Since the mid 80s, this center is in the conservation and preservation of the rich Mexican culture. You can find their location on the Malecon in El Centro and it’s near the Los Arcos Amphitheater. It’s an experience where learning is fun and easy. You can visit it everyday except Monday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Have a drink at a beachfront restaurant while watching raindrops

Head to Puerto Vallarta’s most favorite beach destination, the Playa Los Muertos. No, you don’t have to brave the rain and swim in the waters, you might catch colds doing this; you’ll be drinking here in a front row seat and watch the raindrops before your eyes. Have some merry making as the rain wreaks havoc outside. There’s even live music and a party atmosphere as people flock here to have a good time.

You can think of many ways how to beat the rain and still have a perfect tropical vacation. Though the sun hides under the dark clouds, no one can stop you from going out and having fun.

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