Do Expats Need Medical Evacuation Insurance?

Medical Evacuation Insurance

Do expats need medical evacuation insurance? Anytime that you are planning to buy medical and healthcare insurance coverage for Mexico, then you may want to consider medical evacuation insurance. You may have purchased or thought about purchasing travel insurance for a short trip to Mexico or you may have thought about purchasing Mexican health insurance from a private provider or if you are planning to live full-time or part-time in Mexico you may have considered private health insurance in Mexico, but have you considered buying medical evacuation insurance for Mexico?

Do Expats Need Medical Evacuation Insurance?

Do expats need medical evacuation insurance? Medical evacuation insurance may not be the first thing that you thought about, but if there was a critical medical emergency for you or your family member, then medical evacuation insurance would provide the support during a terrible medical circumstance. If you purchase medical evacuation insurance, then you will have the option of being sent back to your home country where you can receive the best healthcare possible, and this would go along with your personal health insurance coverage too.

Medical Repatriation Insurance in Mexico

You may already have a travel insurance policy that you purchased in your home country that will provide you health coverage for a certain amount of time, which is usually sixty to ninety days if you plan on a short-term visit to Mexico. The insurance coverage vary, and some of the insurances will provide medical repatriation, but it may be limited to certain circumstances, which is normally agreed by the insurance company.

Short-Term Travel Insurance Coverage

If you are planning to come to Mexico for a long-term stay, which could be for a sabbatical, volunteering, or just to live in Mexico for a long-term, then many of the short term travel insurance policies will not cover you for any healthcare. The local healthcare insurance policies are great for in-country healthcare treatments, but these type of insurance policies will not cover any costs for medical repatriation.

What are the Medical Evacuation Benefits?

You should consider having a planned and pre-arranged medical repatriation in place as there are many benefits that will become very useful in many different circumstances. You may not know, but medical repatriation costs for out of pocket are extremely high, and for most people they just don’t have the money. You may want to be covered with a health insurance policy if you are going to be visiting Mexico for a defined period or even for a short time. You home country insurance policy may not cover you while you are in Mexico. If there is a critical medical situation the commercial airlines will not fly you home.

For a longer period of time in Mexico, you may opt to have your own personal healthcare policy or maybe IMSS (national health service), which provides healthcare insurance coverage in Mexico, but if you are seriously injured or critically sick, then you will be able to go back home once you have been stabilized, and your personal doctor or hospital at home can see you and you will have your family there to provide you with the support that you need. Many of the common insurance policies that provide medical care and coverage will not provide the flight home for you.

You will get more than a flight home from Mexico with medical repatriation. Medical repatriation also provides medical professional teams and trained medical transport professionals that will provide all the information to the doctors, airports, hospitals, government agencies, and to all the family members through the medical repatriation process. The medical evacuation plans are not expensive and if you consider the support and medical team that you will be receiving it is an amazing value. You will have the peace of mind knowing that during a medical emergency you or your family member will be able to get back home to your country without it costing you a fortune.

Reference: How Will Your Medical Plans Cover You in Mexico?

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