Farmer’s Markets and Flea Markets in Puerto Vallarta

mercado del pueblo, Sayulita

Puerto Vallarta with its farmer’s market and flea markets is a shopping haven for those who wants to have a real Mexican experience. These markets offer tremendous selection of goods which are ideal for any gift giving occasion and souvenirs that remind you of your fabulous vacation. The coastal towns along Banderas Bay is where these markets are and where endless shopping begins.

Let us take a walk downtown and see for ourselves these markets that offer unique Puerto Vallarta’s souvenirs, local produce and artifacts. You can also check their websites to know additional information as to where and when these farmer’s markets operate.

Old Town Farmer’s Market (

Have a taste of locallyl produced goods in Old Town Farmers Market. The local residents of Puerto Vallarta who live within 50 miles of this area are the ones who make and bake all of the products that you can buy here. They also do the vending of their goods which are mostly farm fresh products, handicrafts, jewelry, clothing and art pieces. You can enjoy this weekend fun as it opens every Saturday from 9:30am – 2pm and runs until April 25.

Marina Vallarta’s Market

For all nocturnal shoppers, the Marina Vallarta’s Market is perfect for you. Enjoy shopping when the sun is down as this market operates from 6- 10pm every Thursday of the week. Go early and you will have the pleasure of meeting the local people by roaming around its neighborhood. You will never be bored; go walking along the promenade of Marina or visit some shops and stores while waiting for the night market to open. Enjoy the sunset and have a sumptuous meal in the finest restaurants that are in the area. Take advantage of this much awaited market during the months of October until May; they offer affordable home accents, artisan breads, painting and other local products.

Mercado del Pueblo (

With almost 80 market vendors hawking around the area, Mercado del Pueblo in Sayulita about an hour or so from Puerto Vallarta is famous for its great selection of unique and organic products. Held every Friday until the end of May; you can also buy products like coffee, pork items, flowers, baked goods, salads and much more. It is open from 10am- 2pm.

Mercado Huanacaxtle (

The Sunday festival spirit can be felt here as more than 170 sellers offer you a fabulous array of handcrafted goods, handmade clothing, dishes, soap, beehives and jewelry. Located at La Cruz Marina, an hour’s drive from Puerto Vallarta, having a walk here will make you a witness to a very busy market where vacationers come face to face with a large number of local sellers.

Forever Spring Farmer’s Market (

Every Wednesday is a market day at Bucerias. This is where Forever Spring Farmer’s Market is located. The famed cheeses of El Tuito, the organic products of Madre Tierra and other products like Indian curries, vegetarian foods, smoked meats, jams, sauces and baked goods can be found here. Held between the hours of 9am- 1pm, this market place lets you experience shopping under the scorching sun.

Marina Nuevo Vallarta (

After swimming at Nuevo Vallarta’s gorgeous beaches, why don’t you take a walk and visit Marina Nuevo Vallarta. This farmer’s market has a lot to show as it boasts of different foods, clothing, glasswares and even dance lessons. Shopping has never been this fun as you can enjoy it with a live music keeping you company. Learn how to dance too or try yoga and be energized. Every Saturday from 9am – 2pm, this market will wait for you and promises one shopping spree that you will never forget.

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