How to Keep your Utilities Expenses low in Nuevo Vallarta

Keep your Utilities Expenses low in Nuevo Vallarta

Everyone dreams of owning a prime property in Mexico’s Nuevo Vallarta. Be it a beautiful beachfront condo or a cozy home in its hilly areas will surely make a perfect getaway property. With a tropical climate that is generally hot and humid the entire year, any homeowner will have to find a way to make him or herself cool and comfortable in Nuevo Vallarta, especially in Nuevo Vallarta. What are the options? Well, you could buy the best air conditioner, keep it running all day, staying in the comforts of your house, but this will cost a lot when paying for utilities. Here are some tips to help you spend less on your utilities expenses in Nuevo Vallarta.

Ceiling Fans

Make use of ceiling and portable fans instead of your high electricity consuming air conditioner, at least for some part of the day. Place it in strategic points in your house where it can keep the continuous flow of air. Put your portable fans in areas not reached by the ceiling fan. This way, it constantly moves the air and you can keep your air conditioner’s thermostat to low cool. You’ll still have the same cooling effect, but the important thing is: the air conditioner won’t eat up a lot of electricity cost. Make sure you turn off the fans when you leave a room to help keep your utilities costs down.

Keep Out the Heat of the Day

Get some blinds and install them where the sun’s rays usually enter your house. It can effectively block the rays, thus keeping the heat out of your house. Lighter colors and excellent quality blinds can do their share in maintaining your house’s ideal temperature, especially during the hottest months from July through October.

Cook Outdoors

Start cooking outside of the house so you don’t have to often use your oven/ stove. It’s an indoor heat generator together with incandescent lights, and will make hot air circulating in your home. You could also replace the incandescent lights by fluorescents, which saves much on electricity while giving the same lighting effects. Barbecues are a great idea in Nuevo Vallarta.

Shade with Vegetation

Put plants and trees in the surroundings of your home. They bring shade and are natural sun blockers. It is said that places with large trees are 3-6 degrees cooler compared to ones that lack it. As much as possible, don’t do home landscaping using rocks and cement since they absorb a lot of heat during the day, keeping your area hot in the evening too.

Dress for Summer

Dress cool. Don’t walk the streets of Nuevo Vallarta in long sleeved shirts, instead used shorts and some loose clothing to keep the air in. Don’t use shirts made of synthetic fabric and go for linen and cotton ones that makes you cool all day long. Talcum powder and gel packs are handy materials that you should have when strolling downtown.

Take Advantage of Air Conditioned Public Places

Go to extremely cold places like commercial malls, stores and fine dining venues where air conditioning is usual high. They are committed to keeping their places comfortable for wandering tourists by having high powered air conditioners. The cinema is a great place in Nuevo Vallarta to escape the heat. You might even have to take a sweater, it gets so cold.

Liquid Sunshine

When the hot days come, have bottles of water and drink much of it, especially when going on a sightseeing adventure. Staying hydrated can help you cope with the effects of heat on the body.

Service your Air Conditioner

If you can’t take it anymore, you can use your air conditioner, but be sure it works in an excellent condition. Clean its filters and have it checked monthly for any maintenance, repairs or system flaws. A well conditioned machine will consume less electricity than a neglected and worn out one. Think of cool things; when the cold weather of October comes, your suffering will end and will start perfectly cool months for many joyous activities and fun.

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