Hurricanes in Mexico

Hurricanes in Mexico

When the temperatures are at their highest in the northern hemisphere during the summer months, parts of Mexico are vulnerable to hurricanes. Hurricanes are very powerful storms that are created over the ocean waters and which gather strength and power while moving across water. Some hurricanes have been known to make landfall along the Pacific Coast of Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula shores.

Hurricanes – What are they?

Hurricanes are an unpredictable, natural phenomenon which can cause havoc when they make landfall at high speeds. The proper term for hurricanes formed in the Pacific Ocean is “Tropical Cyclones” while high speed storms formed in the Atlantic Ocean are generally known as hurricanes. To be classified as a hurricane, a tropical storm will have wind speeds of more than 74 miles per hour and can reach up to 300 miles per hour or more.

As the tropical storm transits across warmer sea waters, it slowly gathers energy and power, which will generally begin to dissipate once it moves over land. When hurricanes make landfall, they can cause horrific damage to homes and structures along the coast. Once the hurricane hits land, it will bring with it torrential rains and high wind speeds. Many locations are as affected by the effects of strong winds as well as increased levels of rainfall and high tides which cause devastating flooding.

Hurricanes in Mexico – When is the Hurricane season?

Anytime from late spring thru late autumn is considered hurricane season in Mexico. In the last few years, the hurricane season has been occurring in the late summer months thru the early months of autumn. It is nearly impossible to predict how often the hurricanes may be for each season or how powerful and force each hurricane may be or exactly how many hurricanes will occur during the hurricane season in Mexico. September and October are the hottest months of the year in Mexico, which are also the most active months for hurricanes. From November time onwards, the hurricane storms are less likely because the temperatures during these months are cooler.

Hurricane Effects

Modern technology, more sophisticated weather monitoring systems, and hurricane proof construction methods has certainly helped to lessen the risk to human life and major destruction in the event of a hurricane in Mexico. Unfortunately, the strongest hurricanes are still likely to damage property (particularly precarious housing and low grade buildings), cause loss of power and telecommunication systems, and bring disruption to transport systems.

Everyone that lives and works in areas with hurricanes are well-accustomed to the activities of storms, and they know how to be prepared. In Mexico, the homes and contemporary hotels are built to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, and damaging storms. Although, nobody can be immune from Mother Nature’s forces, but the construction methods that are being used today are lowering the risks.

Hurricane Protection and Insurance

Homeowners in Mexico can protect themselves against physical damages and loss along the coasts of Mexico in storm areas. Locals and visitors can prepare or evacuate with the modernized fore-warning systems that are provided today.

Historic Hurricanes in Mexico

In recent years in Mexico, the most well-known hurricane to hit land was Wilma. Wilma struck in 2005 on the Yucatan Peninsula. Wilma caused enormous damage to Cancun and its environs, which is one of Mexico’s prime tourist locations. Hurricane Patricia made landfall in October 2015 about 50miles from Puerto Vallarta. While meteorologists described Patricia as the strongest storm to date, widespread damage and casualties was minimal due to the Sierra Madre Mountain range that protects most of the Pacific Coast . Hurricane Kenna struck in 2002 on the Pacific Coast and Banderas Bay was flooded and it also hit San Blas just north, which caused four deaths and the damages were more widespread.

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