Why Living in Mexico is Much Safer than you Think

Living in Mexico

Don’t let the news headlines and the media question the safety of Mexico. Many people are really questioning if Mexico is safe. It may surprise you to know, but living in Mexico is much safer than you think. Look below at the facts on why living in Mexico is much safer than you think.

The Economy in Mexico Grew at 5.5% last year: All the other nations have been envious just looking at the economic rate in Mexico. With shrewd investments, a low debt for both public and private people and companies, and economic governance are attracting foreign companies and investors to Mexico. One of the world’s very few ‘trillion dollar’ economies is Mexico, and many mature and growing nations are wanting to work with the government in Mexico. Do you believe this? If you don’t, then you can look up the foreign trade mission in recent years that are doing so great, which is why the top politicians and reps from other countries are wanting a piece of this thriving pie in Mexico.

Expats Are Not Leaving: Many times in the past when the economy in Mexico wasn’t doing so great, the foreign expats would return to their native country, because of the peso crises. Currently, with the drugs and violence occurring, the expats are still not leaving Mexico, but in fact many more expats are relocating to Mexico. The expat communities in Mexico are growing and growing, especially in the last decade. If Mexico was unsafe and dangerous wouldn’t the expats return to their own country?

Tourists and Foreign Residents Are Unaffected with the Violence and Drug Activity: The Mexican government has recently published a report that has went through a lengthy investigation and it has shown that the homicides that have occurred in Mexico are contributed from gang to gang killing. Tourist and visitors are literally unaffected by the violence and drug activity in Mexico. Also, the investigation report states that with the hundreds of visitors to the country have absolutely no problems.

Location Matters: Mexico is a neighbor to the United States on the southern border and the United States is an important nation to Mexico. Mexico shares land with the United States, and with this in mind the drug market is a major reason why illegal drug activities occur. The drug lords are wanting to take over all of the trades routes to the United States and the illegal narcotic market is abundant for drug users wanting drugs. This is the main reason why Mexico matters and Mexico and the United States must work together in partnership to illuminate the drug activity.

Mexico is Getting Stronger and Stronger: Although the drug-related violence is currently continuing, the vast economy is this country is only getting stronger and stronger. Fortunately, Mexico has a substantial amount of oil and gas along with precious metals. Tourists and visitors are still coming to Mexico even with the bad news headlines and coverage. Many of the foreign countries are interested in trading with Mexico and the expats are not leaving Mexico, but living a prosperous life in the country. The statistics are actually showing that the crime, violence, and drug activity is much lower than in the cities in the United States.

You can clearly see why visitors shouldn’t believe the media and news headlines about the drug and violence in Mexico. These are the facts why living in Mexico is much safer than you think.

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