Mexican Real Estate: Condo or House?

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Have you been thinking about buying a house or condominium in Mexico? Do you want to buy real estate in Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas, Mexico? Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico are perfect locations for ex-pats that want to invest their money in real estate in Mexico, because they have perfect weather, plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, fine dining, and world-class shopping. Have you not decided whether to buy a house or a condominium in Mexico? If you need help deciding between buying a house or condo in Mexico, you should read below to go over the pros and cons. 

Mexican Real Estate: Condo or House?

Condo or House – Pros and Cons

Buying a condominium in Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta, Mexico comes with pros and cons. Many foreigners that buy real estate in Mexico want a home where they can enjoy the property part-time. Buying a condo over a house means there is very little upkeep or maintenance. Also, most condos have onsite security 24/7, which is excellent when you are only using it part-time. Buying a condo can come with another great advantage, which is having access to resort amenities and services if the condo is located at a condo-hotel property like the Villa La Estancia. If you buy a standalone home, then you won’t get any of these types of benefits unless your home is very expensive. 

Villa La Estancia in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta

The Villa La Estancia full and fractional owners will feel like a VIP because there are several pools, fine dining options onsite, a world-class spa, and a fully-equipped fitness center right on the property’s grounds. The Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas properties come with amazing amenities and services so that every time you stay at your second home in Mexico you will feel like you are on vacation. In addition, both properties are situated in popular and sought out locations. If you were to purchase a standalone home right on the beach, you can expect to pay a big price tag. However, owning a private condo or residence at Villa La Estancia allows you to own beachfront property, but at a price that you can afford. 

Mexican Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas

Many benefits will come to foreigners who buy a house in Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas. When comparing a house with a condo, a house often offers more privacy. However, in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, homes are typically built right next to one another. There is no extra land or a lot of space that separates Mexican homes like they do in the United States or in Canada. If you enjoy gardening and you want to have your own garden, then a house may provide you with enough yard space to do that whereas a condo won’t provide a yard. However, at the Villa La Estancia in Cabo San Lucas and in Puerto Vallarta, beachfront residences come with large, private terraces and balconies that offer enough space where you could put a small garden or potted plants if you wanted to. 

Mexican Real Estate: Maintenance and Upkeep

When you are trying to decide on buying a house or condo in Puerto Vallarta or in Cabo San Lucas, you will need to consider the upkeep and maintenance that will need to be done. A house in Mexico means you are responsible for all maintenance repairs and upkeep. One downside of being close to the ocean means that you can expect to have many repairs on the roof and building due to the hot and humid climate. In Mexico, manual labor isn’t expensive, but many homeowners sometimes find it difficult to find a worker that is honest, reliable, and does the work right the first time. Do you really want to worry about repairs, maintenance, and upkeep when you can be spending your time at the beach? This is why many foreigners buy a condo in Mexico because the maintenance and upkeep will not be your responsibility. Instead, you can actually enjoy your time with your loved ones without added worries and extra costs. 

When buying Mexican real estate, do you want a condo or house? What would be your choice? Did you enjoy the information that was provided about the pros and cons of buying a house or condo in Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas? Which type of property interests you? Don’t forget to look into Villa La Estancia which offers luxurious private residences in Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas. Your dream home in Mexico is waiting for you!

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