Mexico Real Estate and COVID


Do you think real estate is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Many people may think now is not the time to buy or sell real estate. However, there are other people that say the COVID crisis has created a Mexico real estate boom. Are you considering investing in Mexico’s real estate on the beach? If so, Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit is a popular choice for ex-pats. Villa La Estancia is perfectly located on a beautiful beach in Banderas Bay just 30 minutes north of the top tourist destination Puerto Vallarta. In fact, it just may be the dream beachfront property you have been wanting to buy. Predicting the future is impossible, but we are providing the latest news on Mexico real estate and COVID.

  • What To Know About Mexico Real Estate and COVID

The latest information about Mexico’s real estate and COVID indicates that homes are in still demand. Many people have been reevaluating their priorities and have decided to buy real estate so they will love spending a lot of time at home. Real estate in Mexico, especially for second home purchases is desirable because people are wanting a safe vacation home to spend time with their loved ones. Beautiful views and having access to pleasant outdoor activities are more important than ever. As a result, Mexico beachfront and mountain homes are very popular for buyers right now. 

  • Save Money With Low-Interest Rates 

One of the top reasons that home sales are increasing during COVID-19 is because of low-interest rates. This means that buyers will save a lot of money long-term due to the lower interest rates. Since the interest rates are so low, it allows more people to afford a mortgage that couldn’t do so otherwise. Lower interest rates could be one reason why real estate is booming. Some people may end up taking equity out of their primary residence in order to finance a second home purchase. The mortgage payments are much lower, so people that couldn’t afford a vacation home before can now do so. 

  • Mexico Real Estate and COVID-19

Many people are afraid of being exposed to the coronavirus, which is why they don’t think now is the time to buy or sell real estate. Thankfully, modern technology is allowing buyers the opportunity to view real estate through virtual home tours. Likewise, social distancing practices are in place as a stay at home orders are slowly being lifted around the world. Now, people are now able to go to open houses as long as they follow safety guidelines. In the meantime, you can check out real estate with a virtual home tour if you feel safer doing that. Likewise, if you are selling real estate you should offer virtual home tours for potential buyers. Currently, real estate agents and interested buyers are staying safe by always wearing face masks, social distancing, and sanitizing often. 

Although today’s times are uncertain, Mexico’s real estate and COVID are showing that the market is booming. If you would like to buy a vacation home on the beach in Mexico, then now is the perfect time to invest. Wondering where to buy? You should consider investing at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit. They currently have private beachfront homes on sale that come with world-class amenities and services. Plus, they provide full or fractional ownership options that are perfect for ex-pats that want a vacation home in Mexico. Contact them today to learn more information. Make sure to ask about their Try and Buy Program, too. It allows prospective buyers the chance to test out living a dream Puerto Vallarta lifestyle before they invest.

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