Naval Museum in Puerto Vallarta


Founded in 2006, Puerto Vallarta’s Naval Museum and Naval Historical Center is located right next to Los Arcos on the famous Malecon boardwalk. The Maritime Museum prides itself on preserving Mexico’s rich culture and history, and aims to educate visitors on the wide-reaching positive effects of Mexico’s Navy. The colonial-style building was originally ground base for the Port Authority office, then the local Navy Headquarters, and lastly the Navy Hospital prior to housing today’s Naval Museum. Villa La Estancia homeowners in Riviera Nayarit shouldn’t miss this chance to escape the hot sun for a few hours, and head down south to visit the PV Naval Museum.

The History of Mexico’s Navy

The Naval museum gives you up close and personal with the history of Mexico’s Navy all the way back to pre-hispanic times when Mexico’s maritime history began. You will learn all about Puerto Vallarta’s rich history as a port city in the comfort of the air conditioned museum. Top exhibits include the city’s former encounters with Chinese Nao ships, and other prominent exhibits teach important history about the port’s trade with other ports, documented sea journeys, and how Banderas Bay was defended during wartime. There are five exhibition rooms inside the museum that display amazing maritime artifacts, including an impressive collection of maps, photos, paintings, and documents. The perfect place to acquire better insight into how Mexico’s naval history has evolved through the years. Don’t miss the display of naval uniforms sailors wore in the past!

Interactive Exhibits

The museum has several interactive exhibits including a modern five-screen navigation simulator that allows you to feel what it is like to maneuver a large ship through the ocean. Examine detailed scale models of older and newer, more modern vessels to see for yourself the intricacies involved. Replications of forts, topographic layouts of Mexico’s prominent ports, navigation instruments and charts on display are also not to be missed.

One of the most important historical events in Mexico’s Naval history happened during the second North American Intervention on April 21, 1914 when the port of Veracruz was defended against intruders. Want to know how sailors tried to avoid boredom while at sea? They sneakily hid ghastly, mythological creatures within navigation charts in an effort to scare their fellow sailors and add a little harmless fun to their days.

When can I go?

Naval Museum entrance fees are cost around 45 pesos for general admission, and 30 pesos for children, students, teachers, and senior citizens. Individuals with disabilities and children under 6 years old pay no fee. The Puerto Vallarta Naval museum is open all year and closed on Mondays.

Are you a Villa La Estancia homeowner in Riviera Nayarit looking for a fun activity for the whole family? If so, head to the Naval Museum Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. You won’t regret the chance to experience nautical delight at its best!

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