Ready to Move to Mexico? Read This First

Moving to Mexico Tips

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is already here and that 2021 is now in the past. Time flies by so fast, which is why people are stopping and thinking more about their priorities. Have you thought about moving to Mexico? If you have, then you are not alone. Many Americans and Canadians have decided to buy Mexican beachfront real estate. Compared to similar real estate properties in the United States and in Canada, the prices are much lower in Mexico. Whether you want a vacation home for your family or you want to move full-time, it is a wise investment. For instance, beachfront real estate in Mexico is very affordable compared to other countries. Villa La Estancia has luxurious beachfront residences in Cabo San Lucas and in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, which are two very popular destinations. Are you ready to move to Mexico? If you are, read the tips below.

Moving to Mexico Tips

  1. Get Your Immigration & Residency Documents Done

    Expats really love the culture and laidback lifestyle in Mexico. However, before you pack your bags, you need to make sure you get all your paperwork done in advance. First, you will need to start your immigration and residency documentation process in your home country. You will need to contact the Mexican consulate where you live, so make your appointment early. You will need to apply for a standard tourist visa or a residency visa depending on your income and how long you want to stay. Before you arrive in Mexico, you will need to have the paperwork process underway. When you have been issued your residency visa, you can go ahead and head to Mexico and finish the paperwork there.

  2. Pack Lightly

    Many people that are moving to Mexico pack things that they are afraid they won’t be able to get in Mexico, but today Mexico has many modern conveniences, so you don’t need to pack so much. Similarly, many people quickly learn that they don’t need all the extra items in Mexico that they needed in the United States or in Canada. Oftentimes, ex-pats end up realizing they enjoy focusing less on material items in their new life. Spending time eating and relaxing with friends is more important than having the latest car or newest phone. Pack lightly, so you can live a simpler and authentic life that you will enjoy. If you need to get some items you can buy locally in Mexico, which will help the economy at the same time, too.

  3. Real Estate Investments

    Villa La Estancia hotel-condo property is a popular investment for ex-pats that want to live in Cabo San Lucas or in the Riviera Nayarit. They have the modern hotel-condo concept that is packed with luxury. Currently, they have a few remaining beachfront residences still available for sale. Residences are spacious, solidly constructed, and luxurious. Plus, homeowners will have complete access to all of the resort’s amenities, concierge services, and restaurants. Your vacation home or full-time home will always feel like a paradise dream. Plus, You will not have to worry about repairs and maintenance at Villa La Estancia as it will be taken care of for you. That’s a huge perk for homeowners who want to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Are you ready to move to Mexico? It is an excellent place to live! There are so many things to do in Cabo and in Riviera Nayarit. They also have some of the country’s best weather as well. Are you wanting to purchase beachfront real estate in Mexico? If so, then check out the Villa La Estancia. They have beautiful beachfront residences for sale right now! Plus, properties have COVID safety and sanitation protocols in place so your vacation home will be a safe place to enjoy quality moments with your loved ones. Ask to see if you can participate in their Try and Buy Program today.

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