Reasons for Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

So you’re looking for a place in which you can buy your dream vacation home, and you’re pretty set on Mexico… well, it’s rare to find that place that is a special mix of timeless terrain and modern conveniences, but Cabo San Lucas is top of that small list. This fabulous desert landscape is embraced between rolling mountains and the sparkling ocean waves, but it’s the iconic arch-shaped rock formations that get the most press. These landmarks put Cabo San Lucas on the world map, and are now counted among those “must see” places across the world.

Mother nature worked hard to make this place what it is, but it’s the city and all it brings with it that makes Cabo San Lucas real estate such a wise investment.

Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

Cabo San Lucas has become so much more than just a place to vacation in; the urban expansions of the past few decades were exceedingly well-managed and as such there are many different kinds of homes and real estate to be found is spacious, beautiful parts of the city. Whether you want a classic beach house, a city apartment, a vacant lot to put your mark on or a classy condominium you can be sure you’ll get the very best example of it in Cabo San Lucas.

Here are some of the main factors to consider when buying Cabo San Lucas real estate:

Hollywood neighbors

If you have a pressing desire to rub elbows with the rich and famous then look no farther! Cabo San Lucas has long played host to the big .com players of Silicon Valley and the glittering Hollywood elite for whom it has become almost mandatory to have a weekend spot in the city. Due to its proximity to California, Cabo San Lucas comes alive with these types at the weekend; lavish cocktail parties with star studded guests lists could be hiding behind any door. Just imagine who your neighbors will be when making Cabo San Lucas real estate part of your reality.

Weather and Sunshine

With an estimated, and rather measly, 15 days of rainfall throughout the July to October rainy season Cabo San Lucas enjoys year round dry warmth with good humidity and a temperate climate. At their lowest temperatures tend to hit 50 Fahrenheit and will general peak at 95, though the slight Pacific breeze makes the hottest days more bearable. Cabo San Lucas real estate is a real step up for anyone who is used to shovelling snow from September onwards.


When it comes to retirement homes in the sun or snowbird properties, you definitely want a lifestyle to match the fabulous house you bought, and Cabo San Lucas real estate will not disappoint on that count. The medical facilities here are world class, and all the modern conveniences you might need can be found here at a fraction of the cost they might incur in the US. But it’s the golf courses that really set Cabo apart; world class courses designed by the best in the business.

Easy Buying Process for Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

There are a few ways in which buying in Mexico differs to the process you might be used to in the USA or Canada, but don’t panic! A good realtor can make sure the whole process is smooth and simple right up to the involvement of an appropriate notary public. The notary is required to validate your purchase by ensuring that all your legal documentation is in order so that a clear transferral of title can be made.

Fideicomiso – Bank Trust for real estate

If you wish to purchase property within Mexico’s restricted zone, the area inclusive of 62 miles from the border and 31 down the coastline, then you will require a Mexican trustee to hold the property for you in their name. If you have Mexican nationals within your family or close friends then this will suffice, but if not there is a bank trust called Fideicomiso who can help. The Mexican bank trust department are secure and trustworthy partners who can help you to achieve your dream of owning beachfront property in Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas is the kind of place where you can build a great life for yourself. Are you ready to purchase real estate?

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