Relocation to Banderas Bay and Nuevo Vallarta

Banderas Bay and Nuevo Vallarta

To get the chance to live in Banderas Bay and Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico is something many wish for, but few realize. Only a small number of people are able to experience the lifestyle change that comes with relocation to Banderas Bay and Nuevo Vallarta, one of Mexico’s most astounding locations of the Pacific Coast It can be a particularly challenging experience especially if you are moving from a foreign country like the United States of America or Canada. Set out below is some useful advice to help you settle in once you have arrived to Banderas Bay.

Finding somewhere to live in Banderas Bay and Nuevo Vallarta

Once you have decided on relocation to Banderas Bay and Nuevo Vallarta, the first thing to do is to find somewhere to live. You may have friends or family to stay with during the first weeks or so, but if not, it is sensible to rent something short term or stay in a cheap hotel. It will help you to familiarize yourself with your surroundings and establish where you will be working, and the best location to live. Actually being in Banderas Bay while looking for somewhere to live is a real advantage, as you are able to spend time on property viewings and gaining information and help from other expats living in the area.


Bringing your children with you when you relocate to Banderas Bay and Nuevo Vallarta can be a tough business. You should always try to get them back into their usual routine as quickly as possible after relocation. If you have come from a foreign country, there is a choice of numerous bilingual schools. They are mostly private schools, but Mexican nationals also have a choice of some fantastic public schools. Early on in your relocating process, you need to establish where your child’s school will be as this will need to be considered when planning where you may want to live.

Doing up your home

You can always bring your furniture with you, but if not, it can be quite enjoyable gathering furnishings for your new property in Banderas Bay and Nuevo Vallarta. New interior design stores are opening all the time giving you great choices, but you may find that a day out to Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco will enable you to get those special deals for original furniture and artwork.

Your Finances

You may find that getting a job in Banderas Bay and Nuevo Vallarta upon relocation is not an easy process as is getting one with a decent salary. You need to make sure you can initially live on your savings while looking for a job. As the cost of living is lower in Mexico, it is possible to survive on a basis pension from the USA, Canada or Europe.

If you have any further tips to guide relocation to Banderas Bay and Nuevo Vallarta, please add them to the comments.

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