Simplify Your Life: Mexico Retirement

Benefits for the Over 60s in Mexico for Foreigners

Are you contemplating retirement in Mexico? For some people, retirement in Mexico is ideal as it offers a chance for a simpler life and a slower paced lifestyle. Read below about how you can find a more fulfilling and peaceful life with retirement in Mexico.

Quality Time

A huge perk of retirement in Mexico is the chance to refocus on the things we like about life most. Whether it is spending time on your favorite hobby, cooking, doing yoga or talking with family and friends, retirement in Mexico allows you more time to do what you want. The stress of a hectic daily life in the United States or Canada can be avoided by retirement in Mexico where you can focus on enjoying the small things in life. What inspires you?

Lower Cost of Living

The lower cost of living in Mexico is a big bonus for enjoying a happy retirement in Mexico. You can spend less to enjoy the things you like whether it’s cooking your favorite foods, traveling, or dedicating yourself to a particular hobby. Retirement in Mexico allows you to let go of superficial concerns and enjoy a quieter and more simple life. When you have to spend less money on daily needs, you have more money to play with. Retirement in Mexico can be the key to reconnecting with a favorite past time you have left on the back burner for too long.

Quality Healthcare Is Economical

Quality healthcare is affordable for those who choose retirement in Mexico. Doctor visits only cost around $30-$50USD per visit, and specialists are not much more. In additions, pharmacies offer quality prescriptions at a significantly reduced priced compared to US pharmacies. Mexican governmental healthcare institutions such as IMSS, ISSSTE, and the Seguro Popular are available to expats at little to no cost so it is easy to take care of yourself and your loved ones without breaking the bank. Private healthcare insurance options are also very well priced.

Mexican Real Estate That You Can Afford

Is real estate in your native country too expensive? Retirement in Mexico could allow you to finally own the home of your dreams at a reasonable price. There are a variety of Mexican real estate options, and they are less expensive than similar real estate options in other countries. Expats in Mexico can own Mexican real estate legally by simply creating a trust, so retirement in Mexico may mean you can finally own your dream home as well.

Retirement in Mexico allows most expats to enjoy a simpler, and more fulfilling life than they could have had in their native countries. Could retirement in Mexico be for you, too?

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