Tatewari Spa at Villa La Estancia

Tatewari Spa at Villa La Estancia

The quiet resort neighborhood of Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit just north of Puerto Vallarta is home to Tatewari Spa, a blissful spa and wellness center located inside the elegant Villa La Estancia. A spacious and opulent 17,000 square foot facility, the Tatewari Spa at Villa La Estancia is the best spa in the area. What better place to relax and soothe your body, soul and spirit surrounded by the tropical Sierra Madre Mountains and the sparkling blue-green waters of Banderas Bay. The Tatewari Spa at Villa La Estancia takes a holistic approach to beauty and wellness that derived its name from a Mexican Indian deity worshipped for spiritual growth, peace, and relaxation. Inspired by maintaining the Earth’s proper balance, Tatewari Spa at Villa La Estancia offers beauty treatments using natural healing techniques and ancient traditions.

Here are three must-try beauty treatments at Tatewari Spa at Villa La Estancia:

  1. Tatewari Signature Facial Treatment
  2. Want to make your skin look its best? The Tatewari Signature Facial Treatment is a 3-layered non-surgical face-lift facial that will work wonders on your skin. It refreshes your skin’s clarity, elasticity, and texture, while also detoxifying the skin to promote cell regeneration. You will love your softer, smoother skin. There is also a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles that everyone can appreciate, and the Tatewari Signature Facial Treatment also includes steam vapor, extractions and scalp and hand massage.

  3. Herb Pindas Aromatic Massage
  4. Feeling overworked and stressed? This 80-minute massage inspired by an ancient Indian ritual uses herbal pindas, also known as medicinal pillows, that contain aromatic herbs, medicinal plants, rice, and essential oils to refresh and revive your mind, body, and spirit. Your treatment starts with an invigorating dry exfoliation of your skin with a firm bristle brush that promotes better circulation. Then it’s time for the aromas! A professional spa therapist will steam the pindas to release a pleasing medley of fragrant aromas as your muscles relax with a healing massage. The pinda aromas naturally open the skin’s pores to allow their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to be absorbed.

  5. Signature Tatewari Massage
  6. A spa classic, this 90-minute massage is the number one treatment requested at Tatewari Spa at Villa La Estancia. The Tatewari Signature Massage allows you to both relax and energize yourself at the same time. A delightful combination of western & eastern massage techniques, the Signature Tatewari Massage treatment utilizes Thai stretching, Chinese Medicine and classic Swedish massage styles making for a unique massage experience like no other.

Tatewari Spa at Villa La Estancia also has a spa retail shop, full-service beauty salon, and a deluxe fitness studio located on the property. Tatewari Spa guests can also elect to receive their beauty treatment right on the beach or in the privacy of their own suite. Which Tatewari Spa beauty treatment do you want to try first?

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