The Best Places to Retire Worldwide: Puerto Vallarta

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The respected Annual Retirement Abroad Index has come up with findings affirming Puerto Vallarta as one of the best places to retire worldwide. The list of the top retirement destinations was published by the website Live and Invest Overseas who even mentioned the fact that Puerto Vallarta has almost top of the list if it it weren’t for Portugal’s Algarve eventually being named as the best place for retirement worldwide. The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust (Fideicomiso de Turismo de Puerto Vallarta) has been extremely flattered by this accolade and they brought out a press release telling the world of this great recognition, hoping that it will attract more and more people to retire in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

How are the best places to retire worldwide chosen?

Mexico has been in the limelight as Live and Invest Overseas Website has included not just Puerto Vallarta in its best places to retire in the world but also San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato. Several factors are put into consideration in the choices for the best places to retire worldwide. Some of these notable factors include: quality of infrastructures, hospital facilities, taxes imposed, level of safety, climatic condition and the overall state of life. It was also a consideration that that a couple could live within their means with an average resources of $2,000 or less.

Aside from Mexico, other countries mentioned for their exemplary characteristics as an ideal place for retirement worldwide are Nicaragua, Belize, Colombia, Spain and Argentina

Why Puerto Vallarta is One of the Best Places to Retire

Firstly, Puerto Vallarta’s safe and friendly atmosphere makes it a great contender as one of the Mexico’s safest places to live. It was given a Grade A classification, even mentioning the presence of bilingual police forces patrolling its area. The cost of living is not that high either, with an average monthly cost that ranges between the $1,700 to $2,000 mark for a retired couple. These two factors catapults the place and thus gained recognition as perhaps the best place for anyone to retire.

Other relevant factors in which Puerto Vallarta also ranks high among the best places to retire worldwide are the ideal climate of the place, the presence of good establishments, the wide range of real estate opportunities, excellent health care services, clean environment, the easy access and low cost of recreational activities. People who have gone here from all parts of the world won’t experience language barriers as most services are given by English speaking individuals. It can also be reached comfortably with an airport located near to Puerto Vallarta’s center.

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