Want to Buy a Car in Mexico? Read This First!

Want to Buy a Car in Mexico

Are you currently an expat in Mexico, and loving your new life? Although many of the cities and towns in Mexico do have easy access to decent public transportation which usually meets expats needs, there are some expats that would rather have their own personal vehicle because it is convenient. In years past, many expats went out of their way to import their vehicle to Mexico from Canada and the United States. That doesn’t occur as often now, and many more expats are choosing to purchase a car in Mexico because buying a vehicle in Mexico is now quite affordable. Do you live in Villa La Estancia in Cabo San Lucas, and you want to buy a car in Mexico? Read this first!

Read the tips provided below if you want to buy a car in Mexico.

Test Drive Various Cars

To begin, pick a few dealerships to focus your search on, and then identify the top models that you are most interested in. You should choose approximately three cars at each dealership to keep your search manageable. Next, you need to test drive each of the cars that you have selected. You will want to compare each of the vehicles and see which dealership offers the best incentives and promotions. If you are able to, you should aim to pay cash for the car that you want to purchase. In Mexico, there are financing options, but the financing typically comes with very high-interest rates. If you are able to save up to buy a car in Mexico, it is a better option than financing one. In general, you usually will not have to worry about initially registering the vehicle because many dealerships will register it for you. For a small fee, many dealerships will also assist you in getting your state license plates. Buying a car in Mexico will be much easier when you can just show up at the dealership, pick up your registered and plated vehicle, and then hit the road.

Purchasing Car Insurance

Purchasing a car in Mexico is more affordable than it used to be many years ago. In Mexico, while the gas prices are more expensive than they are in Canada and the United States, car insurance is lower. Once you have purchased the car you will need to purchase adequate insurance as well, because you never know when an accident may occur and you will want any damages to be covered. In Mexico, there are plenty of affordable insurance companies. The dealership may sell insurance or recommend a company. Many of the dealerships will even assist you in purchasing insurance, which will further remove any stress to make buying a car in Mexico even easier.

Registering the Car

If you are buying a car in Mexico from a reputable dealership, they will usually register the car so you won’t have to. However, if you are buying a car in Mexico from a private person, then you will have to register the vehicle yourself. It isn’t hard to do, and it usually doesn’t take a lot of time to do it. You will need to go to the local vehicle registration office, and you will need to bring your passport, resident visa, a water or electric bill to prove your address, the title deed for the car, and the Clave Unica de Registro de población (CURP). Bringing these documents will speed up the registration process. Don’t have a CURP yet? It isn’t hard to get the CURP, and it doesn’t cost any money. Simply can go to the local immigration office and they will help you. Usually, it costs approximately $1,000 (or $2,000 pesos) to register a car in Mexico. The renewal fees are due annually, and they average approximately $600 pesos.

Driver’s License in Mexico

Usually a driver’s license from Canada or the United States is legal and accepted in Mexico. However, if you are buying a car in Mexico, it is recommended that you should get a Mexican driver’s license as well. To obtain a driver’s license in Mexico, you will need to go to the local government office that issues driver’s license. You will need to bring your passport, your birth certificate, your resident Visa, and an electric or water bill so you have proof of your current home address. A driver’s license in Mexico costs around $500 pesos or $30 USD, so it is not expensive to get a driver’s license in Mexico. After you pass a simple written test, your brand new driver’s license will be issued right on the spot.

For homeowners at Villa La Estancia in Cabo San Lucas, owning your own car can make it easier to get around to do all the fun things you want to do with your time. Did you enjoy the buying a car in Mexico tips we provided in this article? Do you still want to buy a car in Mexico? If you do, then you now know it isn’t very hard to do. Travel safe!

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