Alternatives to Full Ownership Real Estate in Mexico

Alternatives to Full Ownership Real Estate in Mexico

When you’re planning a vacation in any Mexican destination and you see yourself for just a few weeks or a month, there are alternatives available instead of getting a full ownership real estate in Mexico. Vacation schemes are offered wherein you get to pay for only the actual time you spend, but are accorded a number of benefits like being given a title or a deed. This is commonly called fractional ownership. However, there are a number of alternatives to full ownership real estate in Mexico, so let’s take a closer look below.

Fractional Properties

Fractional ownership real estate in Mexico is deemed as the closest alternative to full ownership.The difference it has compared to full time ownership is that you pay for a fraction of the full cost in order to visit your property for a set time each year, like a month or a season. The concept addresses the amount of time you can actually use your second home. Fractional ownership is generally a high-end product that you share with other exclusive owners. You can expect a quality accommodation with features of great amenities and personalized services. It involves a reasonable yearly maintenance fee aside from the one-time purchase cost but is much less expensive that purchasing full ownership.

Vacation Clubs and Timeshare membership

Timeshare ownership comes in many forms from flexible points program, fixed and floating weeks to right-to-use vacation club membership. Timeshare refers to membership where you buy actual vacation time, choosing the period of your vacation in the specified season that’s included on your contract. Timeshare gives you the freedom of purchasing time in the best resorts in the world at lower prices, each having excellent amenities that would make up a satisfying vacation experience. In your plan, you can opt for a simple studio type to a more luxurious villa having two to three spacious bedrooms.

Condo Resorts

This is an option where a condo hotel offers a specific portion or rooms in their property for sale, which a buyer can use for a vacation or have it rented under the condo hotel’s rented program. It’s an excellent choice if you want to earn a no-sweat money as you can earn through the rental proceeds and with the benefits of world class hotel services and amenities every time you would accommodate it on your vacation trip. One can have a truly strategic location, mostly within areas of premiere vacation destinations. Cost is dictated by the current market price, with some yearly dues to churn out.

Destination Clubs

This right-to-use concept provides a wide selection of affiliated vacation homes you can experience. You don’t buy any particular real estate property, but you can enjoy the different homes the destination club operate. The usual length of your stay ranges from a week to two months, and the cost includes an initial membership fee plus some charges while you’re staying in the actual property.

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