Attend the PV Raicero Festival on July 26th – July 28th


If you are going to be vacationing or live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, then you will want to make sure you attend the PV Raicero Festival on July 26th – July 28th. Local organization Raices de la Tierra Mexico will be hosting the first Raicero Festival at the Rancho Madre Tierra, which is close to the Vista Vallarta Club de Golf. The Raicero Festival on July 26th – July 28th is inspired by the natural healing and a passion for life in general. The Familia Temazcalera is inviting the public to come to attend and bring along the entire family. This event will be celebrating the interesting ancestry and rich heritage of Mexico. Read below to learn how you can attend the PV Raicero Festival on July 26rh – July 28th.

Attend the 1st PV Raicero Festival On July 26th – July 28th

The 1st PV Raicero Festival on July 26th – July 28th will be one of the most exciting and interesting festivals in 2019. The festival will include a prayer, then an offering to Mother Water Tatei Haramara. Everyone attending will thank Mother Water Tatei Haramara for the blessings in their lives that are being enjoyed by us all. Traditional grandparents will be on hand to share their personal expertise and experience with natural medicine. They will also lead attendees in ancestral songs so that everyone will be inspired and enjoy a sense of harmony and well-being by attending the festival. Are you familiar with natural healing and temazcales? If you aren’t, then that’s okay, because you can learn about it during the festival at one of the event’s workshops. A temazcal is a different kind of spiritual sweat lodge experience that first started in Mesoamerica during the pre-Hispanic era. Temazcal comes from the Nahuatl word temazcall. In English, the word is written as such temascal, temezcal, and Temescal. This is an excellent chance to try it if you haven’t before. You will reap so many mental and physical benefits with this experience.

Native Singing in Xochil and Danza Mexicana Dance

Along with the temazcal experience, the festival has other great Puerto Vallarta activities, which include native singing in Xochil, a flower ceremony, and a Danza Mexicana dance that everyone is invited to join in. The band Ampersan from Guadalajara will be performing live music. Ampersan performs traditional music that combines cultural exchanges and fieldwork and has been around since the band started in 2007. Ampersan will be performing during the Raramaro Haramara Festival July 26th – July 28th. You should start planning ahead if you want to attend the festival. You can purchase discounted tickets in advance to reserve your spot. For $500 pesos is the entry fee pre-sale tickets, or you can pay $600 pesos on the day of the festival. All children 12 and under are free to attend the festival. For the 1st Raicero Festival in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico you will receive 2 meals Saturday, 2 meals Sunday, able to go to the camping area, temazcales entry, and able to enjoy the Ampersan concert as well as informative workshops.

You want to make sure you attend the PV Raicero Festival on July 26th – July 28th in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. For more information you can call 322-274-2325 or you can send a Facebook message at the Temazcal Xochipilli Vallarta’s Facebook.

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