Beach Reviews for Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta

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Now is the best time to have that great vacation in Mexico. Aside from tasting its Mexican burritos, it has the most fabulous beach resorts, which will make your vacation a magnificently memorable one. Staying in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta promises an unforgettable life under the sun. A tropical climate with the most picturesque scenery will be forever etched in any visitor’s memory. Let us explore this world of beautiful beaches and see for yourself the magical charm they all possess.

Take a look at these Beach Reviews for Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta

  1. Nuevo Vallarta Beach
  2. One of the busiest and most popular beaches in Banderas Bay, Mexico, it attracts thousands of visitors because of the variety of things you can do. Boogie boarding, kayaking, sunbathing, jet skiing, banana boat rides and parasailing all feature on this wide sandy beach. Tourists rest on their recliners as they lay witness to the beautiful beach and its surroundings. You will see kids frolicking around and bodies sunbathing to have that deep tanned skin.

  3. Bucerias
  4. Serenity is what you will find at Bucerias Beach. Located to the north of Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias Beach offers an alternative beach experience for those who want to chill out and relax. Most visitors can just stay on their balconies and watch the ocean’s movements, feel the sea’s ambiance and sit relaxingly in their recliners. You could meet a lot of local people and hear their stories. The waves here are generally smooth and calm; where your children can safely swim and make their way through its beautiful beach.

  5. Punta Mita
  6. A classy beach resort where visitors can shop and dine lavishly. Home to high end shops, signature stores, plush hotels and expensive restaurants. You might even get starstruck; celebrities and known millionaires frequently visit this beach resort. If you have the budget for it, then indulge.

  7. Sayulita Beach
  8. The fresh smell of the ocean will open up your senses at Sayulita Beach. It offers an impressive beach with lively waters and clean environment. It boasts of astounding structures like chic stores, big shops, fine restaurants and boutique hotels. A haven for shopping addicts where designer beachwear and clothes can be bought. A surfer’s paradise with its unpredictable and challenging waves, it offers surfing lessons to beginners who want to try this sport. The scene of people playing beach volleyball and children building castles in the sand are daily normal activities because of its wide beach fronts.

  9. Camarones Beach
  10. Situated next to the Malecon, it is located directly north of Puerto Vallarta. Get the taste of Mexican cooking in the many restaurants and cafes within the area. Purchase shrimps, fruits and other delicious snacks to feast on as you swim under the sun’s heat. Lifeguards are on the area to provide you safety and security as the beach has strong current and waves. Get a beach umbrella as you enjoy and feel the breeze of the hot and humid air.

  11. Playa Los Muertos
  12. The beach resort that is bustling with life as bars, restaurants, cafes and pubs lined up its whole stretch. The beach is nice for swimming, it has calm waves and not so deep waters. It’s also clean; clear of debris like sticks and plastics. It also has yellow fine sands which sunbathers find comfortable when they lay down in their towels. An active and busy beach too, as tourists flock and find their space under the sun.

  13. Gamelas beach and Punta Negra Beach
  14. Romantic getaway beaches, recommended for honeymooners. These beaches are a little more secluded, away from the usually frequented resorts but it casts some magic of charm and grace. You can either get a bus from Downtown or walk along the shore from Los Muertos Beach.

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