How to Become an Expat in Mexico

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Are you wondering how to become an expat in Mexico? Have you heard that the being an expat in Mexico you can enjoy beautiful weather year-round and you will have a more relaxed, enjoyable lifestyle? More and more Americans and Canadians are making the move to Mexico to become an expat. There are many benefits to becoming an expat in Mexico, which include affordable healthcare that is high-quality, lower cost of living, and a better retirement lifestyle.

It is never too late to plan your retirement. It should be done by everyone if they are wanting a retirement that is stress-free and enjoyable. Below, we have provided ways on how to become an expat in Mexico and how much money you will need to make it happen.


Being on Vacation Permanently

Foreigners that are wanting to spend their retirement by becoming an expat in Mexico will see there is so much offered for them. Everyone knows that Mexico is very popular and sought out destination for vacations because the beaches are absolutely beautiful and the weather is always sunny and warm. Retiring and becoming an expat in Mexico will provide you with paradise living where you and your family and friends can create memories that will last forever, and Mexico is not too far away so that your friends and family can come to visit you often. Traveling from the United States is affordable and you can get to Mexico within a few hours. There are great deals on flights that can make the traveling affordable, especially if you purchase and plan your trip in advance. Once you become an expat in Mexico, you will be living the dream while kicking back on the beach drinking cocktails and watching the sun go down each evening. What are you waiting for?


Affordable Living

According to, a couple can become expats in Mexico and live a comfortable life with a combined income of $2,175 USD each month. The total estimate would include paying for rent, utilities, food, entertainment, and healthcare. It also includes hiring a maid and gardener, too. The Social Security Administration states that in 2017 the average American retired worker would each receive $1,369 USD each month, and this is a lot of money for an expat in Mexico if they retire with their partner. This would allow for a comfortable lifestyle for a retired couple. In the United States, healthcare costs are at a record high, and this is another major reason why people are choosing to be an expat in Mexico.


Healthcare You can Afford

A number one benefit for becoming an expat in Mexico is the ability to access to top doctors and private hospitals without breaking the bank. If you need to see a doctor in Mexico, it will only cost you $500-$700 pesos or $30-$40 dollars. Currently, the peso is at a major low which makes it very attractive for foreigners who earn their retirement pension in dollars. Also, if you need to have a prescription filled, you will be happy that the medicine is very affordable in Mexico. There is a big difference in price for the same medications if you purchased them without insurance in the US or Canada.

Fantastic Foods and Family Culture

There are so many more great things about Mexico than just big savings with healthcare costs and housing costs. The culture is family oriented and the food is just fantastic. The residents in Mexico are very nice and welcoming so don’t be surprised when you are invited into their home to dine with them. There is a large variety of dining and shopping from affordable to high-end options. Anytime you want to splurge on dining, you can do that at some of the fancier restaurants and bars to choose from. On a budget? Head to the local taco street vendor and you won’t be disappointed! Go easy on the hot sauce!


Now you know how to become an expat in Mexico. Now is the time that you should start planning for your retirement in Mexico. It is a great choice! You will enjoy new adventures that come with moving to Mexico. Living as an expat in Mexico is truly a great choice for retirement as you will have lower costs of living, affordable healthcare, and enjoy the best food worldwide.

Is becoming an expat in Mexico right for you?

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