Benefits for the Over 60s in Mexico for Foreigners

Benefits for the Over 60s in Mexico for Foreigners

Many more retirees are opting to move to Mexico than ever before. Right now is the perfect time to think about moving to Mexico as there are a variety of ways to save money along with enjoying the beauty and charm that Mexico offers. There are many benefits for the over 60s in Mexico for foreigners as the living costs are more affordable than in most countries in Europe, the United States, and in Canada, which only adds to the appeal of moving to Mexico when you retire. When you relocate to Mexico you will be able to take advantage of many more discounts and it doesn’t matter if you are a foreign resident. There are many benefits for the over 60s in Mexico for foreigners. Take a look below:

Benefits for the over 60s in Mexico for foreigners with INAPAM

One of the main benefits for the over 60s in Mexico for foreigners is the chance to enroll with the INAPAM (Instituto Nacional para las Personas Adultas Mayores / National Institute for Elderly Adults), which offers a discount card that can provide savings for those people aged over 60, including foreigners that qualify. This discount card gives you discounts on all types of services and goods in Mexico. When you retired in Mexico this will help you stretch your income.

Are these benefits available for foreigners too?

The INAPAM application process is free and very easy to do, even for foreigners. You may need someone to help you if you Spanish is not great, but generally the process is pretty simple. You will need to have a permanent address in Mexico and the correct immigration status. When you receive your discount card, you will be on your way to countless savings at many businesses.

Savings on Food and Groceries

You can save at many of the grocery chains, food and convenience stores throughout Mexico when you present your INAPAM discount card.

Dining Out in Mexico

Dining out more frequently when you use your discount card. You can save money when you go out to eat at local diners, cafés, and the larger restaurant chains in Mexico.

Healthcare Savings

As you may already know, in Mexico the medication and healthcare costs are already lower than in the United States and other countries. Seniors over sixty will receive added savings and additional discounts at many of the pharmacies in Mexico along with medical specialist, doctors, and dentists.

Art Galleries and Culture

Discounts can be found at many museums, archaeology parks, bookstores, and art galleries for seniors over 60.

Transportation Fares

Some airlines, and many bus companies in Mexico provide discounts for seniors over 60. Public transport is also heavily subsidized for the over 60s.

Annual Property Taxes

Benefits for the over 60s in Mexico for foreigners and locals include paying less tax on your properties (known as Predial)

Utility companies

Some of the utility companies and water companies offer discounts on their bills in some municipalities in Mexico for the over 60s.

Be sure to show your card

Seniors over 60 will learn quickly what businesses offer discounts using the INAPAM discount card. One thing that you should remember to do is always ask if the business will take the discount card and present the card upon arrival. Many businesses provide different discounts. There are many businesses that give discounts, which include clothing stores, legal offices, locksmiths, accountants, florists, dry cleaners, veterinary offices, art stores, beauty salons, spas, and many other places.

The INAPAM provides many benefits for the over 60s in Mexico for foreigners. Apply today for the INAPAM discount card and start saving money on goods and services.

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