Common Packing Mistakes when Moving House

Packing Mistakes when Moving House

Anyone who has moved house or is moving house knows how difficult and what a huge task this is. If you are a renter, then moving house can be a frequent task. No matter how often you find yourself moving house, each time it can be very stressful. Relocating to a new home can be a task that anyone dreads, but a question that is always asked is why do people moving house never seem to be prepare enough for it?

If you are one of those people that finding preparing for moving house stressful. Take a look at these easy tips below

  1. Pack your boxes correctly
  2. When moving house, one of the biggest mistakes that is often made is packing boxes improperly. If you are moving, then it will help to know that if you pack boxes properly, then your moving experience will be less stressful. Some people wait until the last minute to pack. Often times when the moving truck is pulling up to the house, then people start throwing all their stuff into boxes without any organization or method. If you pack your boxes correctly with organization and labeled boxes, then you will take less time unpacking your boxes once you get moved and you will use less boxes, which will save money on renting a moving truck size.

  3. Organization Pays
  4. Once you have decided to move, then this is when you should start packing. If you do this, then you will be organized with your packing and you won’t be waiting until the last minute with your packing. The items that you don’t use every day can be packed first, such as extra bedding and towels, documents, and clothes that you aren’t going to be needing. Organize these items and pack them as soon as possible. Always pack in advance and stay organized.

  5. Pack an Essentials Box
  6. The items that you use each day should be packed last and in a box marked ‘essential’ or some other term. If you do this, then when you arrive to your new home you will be able to find the essential box for the items that you will need each day, such as medications, phones, charges, toiletries, and even food for a couple of days. Mark the essential box with a bright and colorful label, so you can find it quickly. This is will make your first few days after moving house more bearable.

  7. Don’t Pack Junk
  8. This is why packing early when moving house comes in useful. Packing junk should be avoided. Look over the items that you haven’t used for a year or so, then ask yourself do you really want to keep these items? The key is “When in doubt, throw it out”. Or donate it is even better, because someone else may be able to use the items that you don’t need. Contact your local charity or thrift store and see if they would like these items, and this will save you from moving junk from your old house to your new house.

If you have valuable items that you really don’t need, then you don’t have to donate these items, but you can sell them. Facebook and Gumtree have swap group that thousands of people check each day for new items being posted. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you want to have a yard sale, then you can do this too, and get rid of all the items that you don’t want to take with you and make extra money to cover your moving expenses.

Add your own tips to the comments box. What tips would you give for moving house?

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