Expat Travel Tips: Updated 2019

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Are you interested in hearing the latest travel alerts for expats in Mexico? For foreigners, Mexico has always been a top destination for vacation. In addition, more and more retirees and those looking to switch up their pace of life are moving to this incredibly culturally rich country. Everyone agrees that Mexico delivers on breathtakingly beautiful beaches, perfect warm weather year-round, welcoming people, and has eclectic and tasty cuisine. In 2019, more and more people are moving to Mexico. Are you currently an expat resident or would you like to be, but are wondering if it is safe to travel to Mexico in 2019? There are some crimes that do happen in the country, but usually, the majority of the crime is based around gang members and their drug activities. If you want to start a new life in Mexico, but you are worried about your safety, you can rest assured that you will likely be completely safe if you follow these tips.

Check out the top expat travel tips that been updated for 2019. You will see that it, in general, it is very safe to travel in Mexico, and living here in paradise will be great, too.

Travel Tip 1: Location Is Everything

Mexico has many features that attract expats such as excellent climate, nice people, and tasty foods. There is something for everyone in this incredible country, which is why many people create a new life here. If you are wanting that small town charm, but with all the modern conveniences, then Mexico could be the place for you. Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are a couple of the most beautiful destinations to vacation at and to live in. Each of these places has been experiencing a major growth with the expats due to the lower cost of living, security and safety, and the quality of life. Mexico has always had a big success in the tourism industry as thousands of travelers come to vacation each year to enjoy the great weather and gorgeous beaches. More and more people fall in love with everything about this charming country, and these people actually buy a vacation home or move permanently. Location is important when choosing where to live in terms of safety, and the real estate options that are available are amazing. For example, there are lovely beachfront properties available at the Villa La Estancia that are close to Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit which are notorious expats havens due to good security. Beachfront living dreams become a reality for homeowners when they buy at Villa La Estancia.

Travel Tip 2: Use Common Sense & Travel in Numbers

Another expat travel tips for Mexican expats is to always use common sense and travel in numbers. You can stay safe in Mexico as long as you use good judgment, and stay aware of what is going on around you. If you do this, then you will likely not have any problems in Mexico. Some isolated violence may occur in the country as it does anywhere in the world, but it usually only occurs within drug-related networks. Always avoid any dangerous places and people that are involved in that arena. There is not a foolproof plan that will keep you completely protected from a random crime, but most of the expats actually have an amazing quality of life and they feel very safe living in Mexico. In fact, statistics indicate that there are much higher crime rates in other countries and cities around the world than in Mexico, especially in big cities in the United States who has falsely labeled Mexico as being an unsafe place for vacation or living. Mexico is actually a safe place to vacation and to live if you always keep yourself aware. If you want to go out at night, make sure you go with plenty of friends as the safety in numbers rule applies anywhere. Also, never go to any locations that are isolated, and lastly watch the amount of alcohol that you drink. Common sense goes a long way to stay safe wherever you may be.

Travel Tip 3: Real Estate Investment with Security on Site

Another important expat travel tip is to only buy real estate or rent any property that provides on-site security, which Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit provides. The Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit is doing a newer concept, which is a condo-hotel design. The Villa La Estancia provides private beachfront residences that are luxurious and come with incredible amenities you would expect from a world-class hotel. In addition, you can purchase these oceanfront suites with full or fractional ownership options to suit budget variances. The condo-hotels in Mexico like the Villa La Estancia provide on-site security. This is a great feature to help keep all the owners safe due to their twenty-four hour a day security. Those who want to enter the property will have to first be allowed to by security, and only visitors that have been authorized will be allowed to enter the property. Having this type of security will prevent anyone from causing any type of issues while you are in your home. Buying property at Villa La Estancia in Riviera Nayarit is an excellent way for expats to have an enjoyable, relaxing, and safe home.

To conclude, remember to always use common sense each day and practice the travel tips we stated above. When you do this, you will have an exciting adventure in Mexico, but one that is also safe. Are you ready to make Mexico your new home? If you are, then you should consider the Villa La Estancia condo-hotel properties. It is a wise real estate investment that comes with 24/7 security, luxury, and beautiful Banderas Bay views that can’t be beaten. You can learn more about the Villa La Estancia beachfront properties that are currently for sale right now at Villa La Estancia’s website www.villalaestanciarealestate.com. Are you ready to make the move?

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