February 2020 – Bucerias Street Festival & Chalk Art Walk


In February 2020, the Bucerias Street Festival & Chalk Art Walk will be held in Bucerias in Riviera Nayarit. Bucerias is a laid back coastal town that’s just a quick drive from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and minutes from Villa La Estancia in Nuevo Vallarta. There are some of the best restaurants, beaches, and art galleries in Bucerias. In addition, many ex-pats decide to invest in a second home or retirement home in the area. Did you know that Villa La Estancia is a top choice for ex-pats who want to purchase a second home in Mexico? It is a hotel-condo concept that offers homeowners a chance to live at the beach and have access to resort amenities and services, too. Keep reading below to learn about the February 2020 Bucerias Street Festival & Chalk Art Walk which will be held from February 4th through 6th, 2020.

February 2020 – Bucerias Street Festival & Chalk Art Walk

More than 25 artists will be joining in at this year’s Bucerias Street Festival & Chalk Art Walk. Each year, there is a different theme for the festival. This year’s theme is “One Love-Celebrating Unity Throughout The World”. Likewise, every artist that is participating in the festival will need to create a harmonious image of a human, plant, and animal in their chalk art. Every visitor that attends the street festival will not only enjoy all the amazing chalk art, but they can listen to live music, eat delicious food, and shop at one of the many different vendors during the street festival, too. All the money that the February 2020 Bucerias Street Festival & Chalk Art Walk collects will support the DIF of Nayarit. The DIF of Nayarit is an organization that provides aid to seniors, disabled individuals, and orphans. Also, the festival will donate proceeds to one of the local animal rescue shelters, which is A Dog’s New Life Rescue Shelter. 

You Can Support The Local Artists

Bucerias is one of the best places to live or to vacation in. The locals are very welcoming and kind. Also, beachfront real estate like Villa La Estancia is still affordable when compared to similar properties in the United States or Canada. In Banderas Bay, there are a variety of cultural events that are regularly scheduled.  Beach towns in Riviera Nayarit like Bucerias always have something fun and interesting going on. Would you like to help support the February 2020 Bucerias Street Festival & Chalk Art Walk? If so, you can sponsor an artist. To support an artist, you can message the Bucerias Chalk Art Walk on Facebook or you can send them an email at thebuceriasstreetfestival@gmail.com, and ask for a sponsorship packet. You can also purchase a sponsorship gift certificate for the Bucerias Street Festival & Chalk Art Walk on December 19th, 6:00-9:00 pm at 62 Lazaro Cardenas. A gift certificate will help an artist with their traveling expenses, and next to the chalk artwork your name will be displayed. Remember, all proceeds will help Nayarit DIF along with the animal rescue, A Dog’s New Life Rescue Shelter. 

Will you be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta in the first week of February? Or do you dream of owning your second home in Mexico at Villa La Estancia? Either way, you and your family should attend the February 2020 Bucerias Street Festival & Chalk Art Walk. It will start on Wednesday, February 4th through Friday, February 6th starting at 2:00 pm daily. We hope you and your family come out.

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