Get the Most from Puerto Vallarta

Get the Most from Puerto Vallarta

When foreigners relocate to Puerto Vallarta and decide to become part of this thriving community, there is an endless list of things to do and enjoy. Here are a few of the highlights from Puerto Vallarta.

Get the most from Puerto Vallarta…

Road Adventures

Moving to Puerto Vallarta should not confine you only to Banderas Bay. There is still so much more to explore and experience beyond the bay that you would miss out if you don’t hit the road. Discover the lakes, colonial towns and beach communities, A whole new world is waiting for you.

Breathtaking Beaches

Various types of beaches line the coast of Banderas Bay. These beaches should be your priority as you can spend long hours strolling, jogging, swimming, paddle surfing, boogie boarding, and other water adventures. There are also beaches with beautiful coves and tidal pools, beaches with calm waters and those beaches with high surf to test your surfing skills. There are beaches full of people and there are also beaches with no one around. Every type of traveler will surely find an ideal beach for him/her to enjoy.

Entertaining Theaters

Do you love live theater and you even want to get involved? Why not visit Act II entertainment on the corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes streets which has 3 venues daily? They are always searching for new talents. Aside from having your chance to shine, you will get entertained at night with their venue offering all tastes every day of the week. Besides, the cost is affordable. There is also a charming piano bar where you can relax, drink, and make new friends in a place of luxury.

Fresh Markets

Get ready for various locally-grown produce, adorable jewelry, fabulous food, art, clothing, baked goods, jams, and other food stuff! Puerto Vallarta is proud of its South Shore’s which is the Old Town Farmers Market. It is open during high season (October thru May) every Saturday from 9:30 to 2. It is located at Lazaro Cardenas Park beside the Los Muertos Beach.

On Sundays, the La Cruz Huanacaxtle market is open and it also runs during the high season. The market is beautifully located on the ocean. You can grab some of the freshest seafood in the bay at the open air seafood market located in the middle of the La Cruz Sunday Market. Aside from this great shopping opportunity, you get to see food vendors and some live music.

Friendships and Charity

Some of the greatest bonds and friendships come when giving back. Charity is the perfect way to meet people. Find a charity that is meaningful to you, then join in and start helping. There are many types of charities you can get yourself involved in: animal rescue, Old Age Homes, children’s orphanages, young girls’ refuge home, abused women’s center, children of the dump and schools for disabled children. There is a large need that will joyfully receive your help. You can surely find a charity in Puerto Vallarta that will warm your heart and fulfill both your time and desire to help during the week.

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