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Have you heard about farm to table restaurants? The farm to table idea actually originated back in the 1960s and 1970s when Americans started to become more aware of unhealthy processed foods. A healthier option was introduced with restaurants using organic ingredients, and they began incorporating the farm to table system in their menus. In 1971 in Berkeley, California, the original farm to table restaurant opened, and this restaurant was called Chez Panisse. Diners loved the healthy and tasty locally grown foods that the farm to table system provided. Are you in the market for a dream home in Banderas Bay? If so, consider Villa La Estancia which has stunning beachfront residences for sale. Located in Nuevo Vallarta, Villa La Estancia residences are designed using the hotel-condo concept that many ex-pats want. Homeowners enjoy spacious residences, resort-quality amenities, and a lovely location in peaceful Nuevo Vallarta. For Banderas Bay homeowners who want to go out to eat, here we will cover 5 delicious “Farm to Table” restaurants you can try in Puerto Vallarta. If you want to learn more about Riviera Nayarit real estate and great restaurants in Banderas Bay, keep reading below.

Continue to read below to learn more about farm to table restaurants, and where you can find excellent & healthy eating options in PV. 

Good & Healthy Eating in PV – 5 Farm to Table Restaurants

Barrio Bistro 

Barrio Bistro provides farm to table dining under the direction of the owner Memo and his amazing staff. The restaurant’s décor features lovely local art and handicrafts, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The menu choices are also affordable and delicious. The restaurant is constantly introducing new Mexican and International dishes that diners love. In addition to tasting great and being healthy, each dish presentation is always beautiful. All of the ingredients come from local farmers or are picked from the onsite garden. 

Fusion Gourmet

Fusion Gourmet is another farm to table restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, and it is located in a quiet and peaceful area of town. Diners can elect to dine al fresco on the rooftop dining area, which is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner where you can watch the sunset. The menu is great, and diners can expect a unique dining experience. All the ingredients are derived from local farms and there are never any chemicals used. Fusion Gourmet is a great place if you love breakfast because their breakfast menu is extensive and can be ordered at any time throughout the day. 

Coco’s Kitchen

Coco’s Kitchen is another one of the best farms to table restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. This is a family-owned and operated restaurant that thrives on meeting their diner’s needs. All of the dishes that are made are affordable and delicious. They have a beautiful outdoor dining area that has plenty of greenery and plants, which makes your dining experience warm and inviting. Coco’s Kitchen is best known for its breakfast choices, which include pancakes, French toast, eggs and omelets, and their cornbread is delicious and fresh daily. You should start your day with a delicious and healthy breakfast at Coco’s Kitchen. 

La Palapa

In Puerto Vallarta, the oldest restaurant on the beach is La Palapa. The La Palapa restaurant has an impressive menu that everyone loves. All of the ingredients cooked at the restaurant come from local farmers. La Palapa is near the iconic Puerto Vallarta pier, and this farm to table restaurant provides its diners with some of the best beach and ocean views in Puerto Vallarta. You can enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner while wiggling your toes in the sand and listening to the waves of the ocean. 

El Arrayan

The El Arrayan is a farm to table restaurant that is known for its authentic Mexican dishes. All of the ingredients come from the owner’s personal farm, which is situated near the restaurant. The restaurant also offers cooking classes, and the owner Carmen instructs the cooking classes herself. Carmen teaches the importance of selecting quality ingredients, and she makes the cooking class fun and educational at the same time. El Arrayan is perfect if you want to experience healthy Mexican dishes that taste delicious, too. 

The next time you are visiting Puerto Vallarta and you want to try a new restaurant; you should go to one of the restaurants mentioned above. If you live in Riviera Nayarit, or dream to one day, check out Villa La Estancia in the tranquil beachfront community of Nuevo Vallarta. They offer beachfront residences with style, amenities and a dream location on one of the best beaches in Banderas Bay. As far as restaurants in the area go, you can see these farm to table restaurants provide healthy and delicious foods. If you aren’t in the mood to cook, hit the down and enjoy good & healthy eating in PV at one of the restaurants above.

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