Life in Mexico Compared with the United States

Life in Mexico

Moving to Mexico may be the next change you are planning to do. The United States’ sunny neighbor to the south is an ideal place to relocate. Living or working in this amazing country will provide greater benefits than you may already know. If you have tried to do research or even pay this country a visit, you might already have some idea what it is like to live in this country. Take a look at what life in Mexico is like when compared to the United States.

Mellow Atmosphere

Compared to the United States, life in Mexico is much slower, especially in the top locations for expats such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun. Although this can be considered both a blessing and a curse, most people who choose a life in Mexico consider this as their reason for moving. The hurried pace of life most people in the US experience can be a bit frustrating for some, which makes Mexico as great choice. Depending on your preference, life in Mexico is set to offer that peaceful life.

Time Management

Time is a great resource, but for Mexicans, time is not something that limits life that is why they can be arriving way beyond the expected time. If you have set a date with somebody for 9 in the morning, be prepared to wait for at least thirty minutes to an hour or more before your company arrives. This type of thinking is common among many, even among workers and other service providers. If you hire somebody to do a job for an hour, it might take two or more before it’s done. Most Mexicans accept this as a fact of life. There are still circumstances where promptness is required – work and medical appointments.

A 6 Day Week

The ordinary work week in Mexico is six days long, which is quite amazing for most US citizens. With only one day off, you might think that this is a severe working set up but you will be surprised to know that Mexicans still have time to spend with important things in life like families and other priorities. The one day off work is spent with families, meeting with friends, some personal down time, and other recreational activities to recharge. They use this one day each work week to cook, eat, drink, relax, and give themselves and those important people around them the time they deserve.

Getting Around Safely

Driving and public transport in many Mexican cities can be something that you need to get used to when comparing life in Mexico to life in the USA. Cities in the US might have the same peak hour traffic jams and other common struggles but Mexican roads offer even crazier scenarios. Laws are not heavily enforced by authorities, so drivers need to be extra careful and vigilant. Staying alert and driving with care will keep you away from any danger. Your seatbelt might also be your life-saver. Remember too that texting and using your cellphone while driving is illegal in Mexico just as it is in the United States.

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