Move to Mexico: How to Prepare

move to mexico

There are several important factors that you should consider if you are planning a move to Mexico whether you will retire there, or if you are wanting to start a new life. We have provided the top tips on how you should prepare if you want to move to Mexico. Continue to read below to learn what you should do when you are ready to move to Mexico, and how to prepare for your big move.

Travel and Immigration Documents Must Be Current

The first thing you will need to do is to make sure that all of your travel and immigration document for you and your family are current and valid. This is a must so you can legally enter into Mexico without any problems. You will need to also apply to get Resident Visa’s for you and your family if you want to move to Mexico, and all of the passports must be current and ready to present when you submit your Visa application. If you are going to move to Mexico, you will need to submit your Visa applications in advance as you will need a resident Visa FM-2 or an FM-3. For a fee, an immigration attorney can assist you with the immigration steps. You should also book your flights well in advance so when the day arrives for your move to Mexico, the process will be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Passport and Driver’s License Must Be Updated

When you are planning to move to Mexico, be aware that your passport has to be both valid and not expire for at least a year when you are applying to be a resident in Mexico. If not, you should renew the passport for another term too before you submit your Visa application for becoming a Mexican resident with the Mexican consulate. Another good idea is to go ahead and renew your driver’s license before you move to Mexico. You will not be required to get a driver’s license in Mexico to be a legal driver if you have a valid driver’s license from back home. You can legally drive with your driver’s license that is from your home state and country. Down the road, you can apply for a driver’s license in Mexico at a later date. Once you are ready to get a driver’s license in Mexico, you usually have to take a written test and pass it, pay the fee for the driver’s license, and you may be required to take a driving test as well.

Mexico Rules for Bringing Pets

When you move to Mexico, are you planning on bringing your pets? Mexico allows cats and dogs to move to Mexico, but the pets must have a valid health certificate that has been issued by a veterinarian, and all their vaccinations must be current. The vaccinations for rabies and distemper are required to be administered at least fifteen days before you and your pets move to Mexico. No other animals such as snakes, birds, and rabbits are able to be brought into Mexico under this process, because these animals require special import permits and rules along with any extra fees that may need to be paid.

What to Bring and What Not to Bring to Mexico

Months prior to moving to Mexico, you will want to make a checklist on what things you want to take with you to Mexico, and a checklist on what items that you are not bringing to Mexico. You can have a garage sale and sell the items that you won’t be bringing to Mexico, or if you have a charitable heart you can donate the items to the needy. You should be able to find everything you need in want in Mexico, but there may be some goods, clothing, or even furniture that is harder to find in Mexico.

Reserve Your Lodging Prior in Mexico

You will want to make sure that you reserve your lodging prior to coming to Mexico. It doesn’t matter what time of year you will be moving to Mexico, it is smart to have confirmed reservations ahead of time. If you will be moving to Mexico during peak season, then you can expect to pay more money for your lodging and many times there is no or limited availability, too. You can reserve a hotel or Airbnb as many provide monthly rentals. This is a great idea because you will have time to learn about the area where you are moving, and you won’t be stuck in a long term lease or real estate purchase if the area is not what you expected it to be. The real estate properties being sold in Mexico are quality and affordable properties. Many of the properties are much lower in price than they are in the United States and Canada. After you have settled down after your move to Mexico, you may want to consider purchasing a full ownership or fractional ownership real estate property in Mexico. The prices are great and the homes are beautiful, which is why many expats move to Mexico.

Do you want to move to Mexico? Now you know how to prepare yourself for this move. Always plan ahead and have all your passports, traveling documents, and important papers before you go to Mexico. If you will be bringing your pets, you will need to have them vaccinated fifteen days before you go to Mexico along with the appropriate health certificates from a vet. Always book accommodation and plan ahead, and you will well on your way to enjoying the new life you are dreaming of in Mexico.

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