Notary Public in Mexico

Notary Public in Mexico

It may surprise you to know that a Notary Public in Mexico has much more legal responsibilities that a Notary Public in the United States. The legal responsibilities and legal role of the Notary Public in Mexico should never be confused with the counterpart of the United States. In the United States anyone who wants to be a Notary Public can, and without any tests, but in to be a Notary Public in Mexico the role is only granted to lawyers with extensive experience and who has been appointed by the state’s Governor.

Notaries is a highly esteemed position in Mexico

The Notary Public in Mexico has the power and authority to certify all business and civil documents along with being a witness to these type of documents. Their role also includes the management and storage of all legal records securely. To become a Notary Public in Mexico one must be a citizen of Mexico, be 35 years old and over, have a law degree, three years of Notary Public office experience, and they must all pass a very hard and stringent exam. Those individuals who qualify to be a Notary Public in Mexico must be appointed by the office of the state Governor.

Notaries when buying real estate

Many individuals who are purchasing property in Mexico will hire a lawyer, so the lawyer can ‘oversee’ the transaction, but you should remember that only the Notary Public in Mexico has the legal power to actually process the papers and to ensure that the title is legal and given to the buyer from the seller. You can avoid unwanted lawyer fees unless you think there may become a complication or you just want legal advice for the property transaction.


With or without a lawyer, the Notary Public in Mexico is the most important individual that you will deal with when you are making a real estate property investment in Mexico. The deed of the real estate property must always be prepared and processed by the Notary Public in Mexico under the Mexican Law, so this is the first individual you should call after you have agreed on a price for the real estate property. The Notary Public of Mexico will make sure that all the documents and permits are in legal order, then the transaction will be able to proceed, so the title can be transferred properly. The Notary Public will also let you know if there are any legal problems or liabilities that are associated with the real estate property that you intend to buy.

How to find a good notary public in Mexico

Many buyers will generally find their Notary Public from the real estate agency that they are working with. A professional and established real estate agency will always have a good working relationships with all legal professionals along with the Notary Public in Mexico community. In case the real estate agency didn’t give you a referral or your friends and family are not able to help you, then you can look over the directory to find a Notary Public, which is collegiate website for Notary Publics in Mexico. It is totally your choice as the buyer to pick the Notary Public, but you should always pick one that has no associations with the seller of the real estate property.

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