Puerto Vallarta is the Best Choice for Snowbirds

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Puerto Vallarta is the best choice for snowbirds because you can trade the freezing snow forwarm, sandy beaches. Do you know that thousands of snowbirds have selected Puerto Vallarta for their second home? Why? Puerto Vallarta offers a variety of options, which include winter purchases, full ownership, beachfront rentals, and vacation resort clubs. Escape the winter and come down where it is always summer.

Here is why you should consider a full or fractional real estate purchase to become a real snowbird:

  • Escape the Winter Each Year
  • Who wouldn’t want to escape the winter each and every year starting at November and all the way through March? You could put a smile to your face and change your lifestyle when you become a snowbird in Puerto Vallarta. Don’t worry if you aren’t fully retired, because you can always make time to come down and escape the winter, and if you are fully retired, then why not spend your winter and let Puerto Vallarta be your second home. There is a property waiting for you this winter in Puerto Vallarta.

  • All of Life’s Luxuries Cost Less
  • It’s hard to believe that all of life’s luxuries cost less in Puerto Vallarta, but they do. The cost of living is far less than in your city. In Banderas Bay during the winter months you can see that you will save money on heating and cooling costs, because the climate is evenly balanced here. The days are sunny, but not too hot and the nights are cool, but not cold. Buying a second home here is affordable, and you don’t have to be rich to do it. Other luxuries that you will see cost less money are gourmet foods, massages, spas, beauty services, taxis, and so many other things.

  • Snowbirds Make Lots of New Friends
  • The snowbirds in Puerto Vallarta are an elite group of people. Each year the snowbirds gather together and become friends, then each year they welcome the new snowbirds, so the snowbird community is constantly growing. There are a variety of activities that the snowbirds enjoy doing in Banderas Bay, their second home. They all enjoy volunteering at the Los Mangos Library, volunteering at the local animal shelter, becoming a member of the writer’s group, going every Wednesday to ArtWalk, and on Friday evenings the snowbirds head over to Nacho Daddy’s to sing with the band and do some dancing. These are great ways to meet new friends.

  • Private Healthcare Options
  • The private healthcare in Puerto Vallarta is cost much less than in your own city. Many of the snowbirds wait till wintertime to have major health care procedures done in Puerto Vallarta due to the lower costs. Some of the procedures that they have done are hip replacements, tummy tucks, dental work, and plastic surgery. Taking advantage of the private healthcare options as a snowbird is beneficial.

  • Traveling Back and Forth is done in a Snap
  • One reason that snowbirds come to Puerto Vallarta for their winter residency is the traveling back and forth is done in a snap. International flights come straight into Banderas Bay, and major airlines that include Delta, WestJet, Air Canada, and United. It is easy for snowbirds to travel, and easy for family and friends. Let your family and friends escape the winter by visiting you in Puerto Vallarta.

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