Reasons Why You Should Live in Puerto Vallarta

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Even if we tried, we could not give you only one reason as to why you should live in Puerto Vallarta; there is simply too much going for this charming seaside town. For example, did you know that it has been rated the friendliest city in the world by Conde Nast, and as one of Mexico’s top 10 destinations on TripAdvisor?

Reasons why you should live in Puerto Vallarta

The charm of this ocean-side village alone is enough to draw many thousands of people to visit each year, and plenty of these people become so enamored that they choose to move permanently to live in Puerto Vallarta! The stunning architecture, lovely natural surrounds, and the low cost of living combine with the many amenities (golf courses and yacht clubs to name just two!) to make this town almost irresistible.

A destination for all ages and persuasions

Living in Puerto Vallarta is not just for retirees; the town has all the modern conveniences and attractions necessary to please young families, couples, singletons, and of course retirees! There really is something for everyone all year round; with the ocean to one side, and Sierra Madre on the other, too, you can be sure of outdoor activities. Better still there are plenty of bilingual schools set to give your kids the very best start in life!

Laid back living in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a common choice for people who are looking to enjoy a less frenetic pace of life; things here move a little slower than many people from places like L.A, New York, and Boston might be used to. Some people love this, but of course there are those who like a fast pace of life.

A neighborhoods for everyone

There are a wide variety of neighborhoods which you could call home in Puerto Vallarta; whether you want to live in a high rise, on the coast, in the suburbs, or in a grand gated community you can be sure of finding your fit here.

Low living costs

The cost of living is very reasonable in Puerto Vallarta; fresh produce, in particular, is much more affordable than it is in many places north of the border. You will also find that real estate prices are steady and reasonable; you’ll get more bang for your buck when you live in Puerto Vallarta.

It’s safe to live in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta benefits from an exceptionally low crime rate, as does Banderas Bay in general, so you can really feel safe while you’re here; this makes it perfect for young families and retirees in particular.

What reasons can you think of to live in Puerto Vallarta? Share your reasons and leave us a comment.

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