Why You Should Retire in Nuevo Vallarta?

Retire in Nuevo Vallarta
  • Are you retirement years approaching soon?
  • Have you been thinking about your retirement options and how and where you would like to spend your retirement years?
  • You are in luck, because Nuevo Vallarta is one of the best places to retire where you can enjoy the Bay of Banderas and your new freedom. In the past years Nuevo Vallarta has become home to many expats from all over the globe. They are all taking advantage of everything that Nuevo Vallarta has to offer.

    Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Nuevo Vallarta:

    1. Living Costs are Lower, especially for retirees: In Nuevo Vallarta, the living costs are much lower and more affordable, which is why many expats are retiring in this area. Europe, Canada, and the United States housing can be extremely high, but in Nuevo Vallarta, depending on the area and type of housing, the housing costs are lower. Also, the medical care and dental care for many procedures are much cheaper. Everyone is always wanting cheaper groceries, and in Nuevo Vallarta the groceries are cheaper and the fresh fruit and vegetables are as well, because they are grown in this region.
    2. Perfect Weather Year Round: Nuevo Vallarta is blessed with perfect weather year-round. You can relax in the sun on the beautiful beaches when you choose to retire in Nuevo Vallarta. Throw your shovel and parka away as you won’t need them here.
    3. Best Golfing: Nuevo Vallarta is home to the best golfing as there are many professional and spectacular golf courses here. You can improve your golfing game and your golf swing while enjoying the scenic views when you retire in Nuevo Vallarta.
    4. Fantastic Fishing: Fantastic fishing awaits in the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of Banderas. There are many species of fish in these waters and catching the ‘big one’ can occur in Nuevo Vallarta.
    5. Delicious Dining: Nuevo Vallarta has delicious dining options from world-class dining to street taco stands to cover your food cravings. Foodies flock to Nuevo Vallarta just to enjoy the fine and delicious dining that is available in this city.
    6. New Friends and Social Life: If you retire in Nuevo Vallarta, then will expand your social life. You will meet new friends and amigos to share your retirement life with and friends from all walks of life all around the world. If you enjoy playing games, volunteering, or just sitting back enjoying a delicious cocktail, then you will make new friends to spend your social life with.

    These are the top 6 six reasons why you should retire in Nuevo Vallarta. There are many more reasons that you will soon discover once you make Nuevo Vallarta your new home.

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