Soothing Spa Treatments in Cabo

Desert spa - Villa La Estancia

Would you like to feel like you are on vacation every day? Have you been dreaming about owning a Mexico dream home? If so, then you should check out Villa La Estancia Cabo. Homeowners that want a Mexico dream home love their hotel-condo concept. It makes sense to own real estate in Mexico at Villa La Estancia Cabo because they provide luxurious beachfront residences that allow you access to all of their amenities and services. The Desert Spa is also located on the property which is a 31,000 square foot spa that has a European style and décor. Read below to learn more about Villa La Estancia Cabo. There, you can own a vacation home in Mexico and enjoy soothing spa treatments, too. 

  • Villa La Estancia Cabo – Extravagant Real Estate in Mexico

Smart and wise people who are wanting to buy a dream home in Mexico will be thrilled with the Villa La Estancia Cabo located on the area’s popular Medano Beach. You can choose to buy your second home with a full or fractional ownership option. All of the residences are private and located on the beach, and they have been built solidly with careful attention to detail. The property has the best amenities and services that all homeowners will adore. Plus, homeowners will not have to worry about maintenance, upkeep, and repairs.  At Villa La Estancia Cabo, your vacations will be stress-free as all that is handled for you by the maintenance team.  Also, the Hacienda décor in the public areas is stunning. Last, but not least, the friendly and welcoming staff will make sure you have an amazing vacation each time you visit your dream home in Mexico. 

  • Soothing Spa Treatments in Cabo at Desert Spa 

Who doesn’t like to be pampered? If you buy a second home in Mexico at Villa La Estancia Cabo, you can be pampered any time you want at the Desert Spa, which is a European style spa. They have 17 elaborate treatment rooms along with 2 VIP private suites with a jacuzzi and sower. The spa also has a beauty salon, fitness center, and a hydrotherapy circuit, too. There are many different treatments you can experience at Desert Spa, which include facials, massages, hydrotherapy, body wraps, and couples treatments. Your body and mind can benefit from their soothing spa treatments. A hydrotherapy treatment will help your blood flow to increase, which will remove harmful toxins from your body, and a body scrub treatment will remove dead skin from your body, which will bring a refreshed and renewal glow to your body. After a spa treatment, you will have more energy, peace, and balance. Don’t forget to have your hair done at the spa when you are at your second dream home. Plus, you can also get a mani and Pedi there, too. Homeowners with Villa La Estancia Cabo are very pleased with the luxurious amenities on the property, and the beachfront residences are comfortable and private. 

  • Mexico Second Dream Home

Expat homeowners that purchase a dream home in Mexico at Villa La Estancia Cabo are all very happy with their decision. Are you ready to purchase your dream home in Mexico? If so, Villa La Estancia Cabo is the perfect way to do that. The private residences are on Medano Beach where you can have amazing views of the Sea of Cortez and the El Arco at Land’s End. Plus, you have access to resort amenities and services that make every day feel like a dream.

Now is the time to purchase a Mexico second dream home at Villa La Estancia Cabo. You should contact them today to learn more about their private residences for sale. Don’t wait too long, because their exclusive beachfront properties are selling out quickly. Once you become a homeowner there, you can enjoy regular soothing spa treatments in Cabo at the Desert Spa, too.

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