Tips to Save Money While Living in Mexico

Save Money While Living in Mexico

If you’re considering a move to Mexico for work, retirement, or adventure you might be pleased to hear that with a little forethought you can live cheaply in Mexico. People looking to move from the USA, Canada, and Europe will have no doubt been told that the cost of living in Mexico is much lower, but there are still ways in which you can be cost efficient with your spending.

Here are our tips to save money while living in Mexico:

Shop in the markets to save money while living in Mexico

By this I definitely do not mean shopping in the cool markets that target tourists and monied snowbirds; these charge San Francisco hipster prices to those who can afford them. Unless you have a real hankering for handmade soap and linseed bread stick to the markets frequented by the locals for good fare at a reasonable price. Shop local to save money while living in Mexico.

Use public transport to save money while living in Mexico

Firstly, if you want to save money, we would not recommend importing your car to Mexico unless you have a particularly fabulous car (which will soon be ruined by the cobblestone streets and potholes); it’s costly and full of paperwork. Likewise, buying a car in Mexico is more costly than it might be in the USA and Canada, and public transport is reliable, regular, and cheap. Taxi’s, too, are cheaper in Mexico than you might be used to… so there’s really no need to have a car while in Mexico if you want to save money.

Party at happy hour to save money while living in Mexico

Make sure that when you party you party at happy hour if you want to save money while living in Mexico; look for coupons and special deals at different venues. If you plan your week right you could have cheap cocktails three or four nights a week and save a bundle.

Dine where the locals go to save money while living in Mexico

Mexico has some truly incredible dining experiences on offer; from street food to gourmet restaurants that charge a pretty penny. The best way to get the best for less, as with many things on this list, is to follow the example of the locals. Find out where the locals eat and try out these spots to save money and get a delicious meal to boot!

Coupons to save money while living in Mexico

Many cities in Mexico have caught onto the couponing phenomenon; if you follow the right places and establishments you can save money on everything from the bare necessities to little luxuries.

Make friends with Mexicans to save money while living in Mexico

Make friends with your neighbors and the locals; not only will this ensure that you have good roots in the local community, but you can also ask for recommendations from those around you.This means you will get in touch with local people who do good work and you won’t get charged “gringo” rates.

Get Mexican health insurance to save money while living in Mexico

Mexican health insurance is much more affordable than in the USA and Canada, so you could save a lot of money as well as enjoying a good standard of healthcare.

Live near the locals for cheaper electricity bills

Few expats who live in Mexico know that the neighborhood in which you live can affect how much you pay for your electricity. In Mexico the more exclusive neighborhoods pay more per unit of electricity than poorer areas. So if you plan to live in the affluent ex-pat areas be ready to pay a little extra for your electricity.

Do you have any more tips how to save money while living in Mexico? Let us know in the comments section below!

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