Villa La Estancia: Full or Fractional Ownership


Are you considering buying a vacation home that you and your family can enjoy? Do you feel like life is passing you without enjoying quality time with your loved ones? Buying a vacation home in Mexico can come with a high price and numerous maintenance responsibilities. You may not know, but fractional ownership investments are better than the average vacation home, because they allow you to enjoy a vacation home in Mexico without the maintenance responsibilities and high price tag. At Villa La Estancia, fractional ownership is shared ownership of a vacation home with other partner owners who will all use the vacation property different times each year. The fractional ownership program at Villa La Estancia divides it into fractions such as 1/4th or 13 weeks, or 1/8th or 6 weeks for a year. Read below to learn more information about Villa La Estancia full or fractional ownership opportunities. This could be the perfect vacation home in Mexico that you have been dreaming of.

Villa La Estancia: Full or Fractional Ownership Facts

Villa La Estancia – A Timeshare?

Many individuals who are interested in the full or fractional ownership program at Villa La Estancia sometimes wonder if the property is a timeshare. The answer is no. Villa La Estancia is not a timeshare property at all, but instead an upscale real estate development. Every buyer will receive a real estate title with their purchase, whether they purchase a full or fractional property. When the property appreciates in value, then your deeded purchase appreciates, too. Also, you can sell your fraction anytime you would like.

Villa La Estancia – Scheduling Vacations?

If you purchase a Villa La Estancia fractional property, are you worried you won’t be able to schedule your vacations with ease? Many owners have this same fear, but the truth is once you purchase, you will get a usage schedule so you can start scheduling your vacations accordingly. You will know the exact dates that you can use your vacation home property. When you have scheduled your vacation time, you don’t have to worry at all. You can enjoy your vacation property and have the best vacation in paradise, without any added stress or hassles.

Villa La Estancia – Exclusive Usage?

Another popular question that individuals ask is; do fractional owners have the same rights with the property as full owners have during their scheduled time? Based upon the terms of the contract, the vacation property will be available exclusively for each owner at designated times. You can arrive at any time during your scheduled weeks to enjoy your vacation home in Mexico, and when you arrive your unit will be cleaned and ready for you. The house cleaning staff with Villa La Estancia always keep each unit clean and tidy all year long. Also, if you decide that you just want to use the property during the weekends and skip the weekdays, you can do that as well.

Villa La Estancia – Fractional Ownership is Ideal For What Type of Person?

Have you been thinking that maybe you aren’t the right type of individual to invest your money in a fractional ownership? Fractional ownership is actually ideal for people who want the same perks of a full ownership, but without the extra costs. The Villa La Estancia fractional ownership program provides management services onsite, which is perfect for people who want their vacations to be stress-free. Also, every beachfront residence at this exclusive beachfront development is luxurious and private. When you purchase a fractional ownership unit at Villa La Estancia, you are getting a vacation home in Mexico that has many luxuries that you probably couldn’t afford any other way. Sounds like a smart investment to me!

Villa La Estancia – Can Guests Stay?

With fractional ownership at Villa La Estancia, you can have guests stay with you at your unit. You can also allow your friends and family to use your unit when you are not with them, and they will be able to enjoy the amazing amenities that you have access to as an owner. You can let your friends and family use your scheduled vacation time if you are unable to use it, and of course all guests are required to respect the CC&R’s, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations, too.

Are you ready to contact Villa La Estancia, so you can invest in a fractional ownership vacation home in Mexico? Villa La Estancia offers full or fractional ownership, so you can have your own paradise vacation home without busting your budget.

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